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Trying out the baking soda wash/rinse

user image 2012-02-13
By: Red Dreemz
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Hello there my fellow dreadies. I hope you all are having or have had a good day.Well today is the day I tried the Baking Soda rinse/wash. This was my first time so I am hoping I didn't mess it up!But one thing I did notice when pouring the rinse in my hair was that I can see a light cloud of dirt in sink.. I thought that was pretty cool. & it made me think that I should have found this site when I started my dreads.But is the rinse supposed be clear or cloudy?How often should I use this method?I just want to see if I can get my dreads back on the healthy track. Because I have been noticing my hair is drier looking then I would like.Wish me luck on my road to recovery!
Red Dreemz
02/16/12 06:46:54PM @red-dreemz:
oh okay! now I know I did it right lol.. but I did notice that my hair smelled like it had been processed like a perm smell or something but other than that I did like the ending results.& Thank you for responding @Mowriyah

Mowriyah Ysrayl
02/14/12 08:52:40PM @mowriyah-ysrayl:

for me the rinse starts out clear and ends up cloudy. i bs rinse once a week along with acv rinse and i love it.

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