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dreadlocks shampoo


little help:p

By Buffsolo, 2012-02-20
so im new;P and i dont have dreads yet but i will be soon i been lookin on youtube and online but i wantted to get some advive from some dread heads:))im soo ready to start mine i just want them to be rite....
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By Charlie Jensen, 2012-02-19

So I'm obviously new to this! not know what I'm doing and will soon be able to figure it out, but anyways, my dreads are a week and one day old, and I love them[:

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By chrysanthy, 2012-02-16

There are different dreadlocks history according to the different parts of the world associated with the dreadlocks culture.
North African is its Origin
North Africa has many tribes, ethnic groups and cultures have known to sport different dreadlocks styles. Even today, you will find the warriors of Kenya wearing long, thin, red dreadlocks. The spiritual men and women or priests are said to wear dreadlocks. Namib desert in Namibia, is home to one of the oldest ethnic group of the Himba people. The Himba women sport a unique dreadlocks style. As the people of Africa moved around the world, they carried the dreadlocks culture along with them. Soon, different cultures started adapting the dreadlocks in association with their own unique culture.
The ancient Egyptian culture is known for its different cultural flavors that was the basis of their traditionally rich society. Looks of an individual was a major issue as it helped distinguish people according to their social status. Egyptians had different hairstyles according to the age, sex and social standings. If you have a look at the bas-reliefs, statuary and related artifacts from ancient Egypt; you will notice that Egyptians wore a locked hairstyles as well as wigs. The mummified Egyptian pharaohs have been discovered wearing locked hair. It is thought, those who wore dreadlocks in Egypt had a strong social standing and were known to hold a powerful position in the society. One dreadlocks facts is that the oldest societies of the world to wear dreadlocks was the ancient Egyptian culture.
now we can see many people all over the world have dreadlock or wear one. especial in a bar with LED spotlights. i looks amazing. what about you? do you have or have wear one before?

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18 months of dreads

By Red Dreemz, 2012-02-16
Yesterday marked 18months that I have had dreadlocks striving for another 18 months ;) although at times I miss my loose hair but when I see pictures of my process it gives me that faith to keep going! Being natural has it ups and downs but I appreciate the ups more then the downs!
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Shampoo Advice Please=]

By Grace-Alayne, 2012-02-16

My hair is thick and wavy so it dreads very fast. I'm starting to let it dread up again and it goes rather fast but I need some advice on what shampoo to use.

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By Jackie C., 2012-02-16

Hi all! I'm Jackie and i'm new to the site. i've been researching dreads for some time now, and always find myself gravitating toward this site. i am going to be putting in my 2nd set of dreads probably next week. my first set i combed out 10 years ago because i was afraid of what people thought. i think i'm ready to really commit to dreads this time. 'wish i could write more, but the natives(kids) are getting restless. :) peace and blessings!

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By Cassie Domschot, 2012-02-16

I have recently got lice.....i'm five months into my dread journey and so scared and dont want to have to cut them off or comb them out. about 4 hours ago i covered my scalp with my shampoo which i put tea tree oil in and have two plastic bags wrapped around my head. what else can i do too make sure that they go away? and i hear that i have to come out the nits and thats the only way that the nits will go away ... but i cant comb my do i get rid of nits without coming?


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Life Is A Gift Not A Privledge

By Cameron Zion, 2012-02-15

So it's been a while since the last time I wrote a blog. I was at work today painting and had some thoughts I need to get out of my head. It's been over a year now since I forgot I had hair on my head and my dreads are getting tighter and shorter as the days pass. I can't imagine not having them at this point, but that's not why I began writing this. At 23 years of age I feel beyond ancient. I have written about my life in other blogs and will reiterate some thing's but only out of necessity. In my short 23 years my mother was raped in my bed, I was homeless for 3 years, had a stroke, almost lost my arm from heroin, got my life together and almost started a family but she decided otherwise to get rid of our child. After starting a career in carpentry I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and chronic nerve pain in my legs. After that I was left with all the bills because my girlfriend couldn't deal with my being sick. Then my closest and best-friend passed away. We had talked almost everyday for 17 years and was really my only constant. I was promised financial stability through a project which was a sham and have had to return to work regardless of whether or not my body can handle it. There's more, but no need to continue. What I am trying to get it is that sometimes it takes losing everything to appreciate anything. I have spent the past year starving in the woods because of bills and my condition and at a point I wasn't sure if I was going to make it. I have become so tired of completely grown and able people complaining about everything that is beyond their control. Or not perfect in their own eyes. It's not what we're given, but what we do with it. Simply a reminder to be thankful that you are alive instead of dwelling on the troubles of life. Not everyone gets to stay as long as those reading this. There is no need to compare lives or troubles as we all feel the same emotions. I hope that one day everyone can appreciate and find joy in simply being alive. When you've lost it all you realize you never had anything but yourself in the first place. If you don't give love, you don't get love.Slinte - Cameron

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DFW Braids

By Charlie2, 2012-02-15

Anyone know a good place to get braids done in the DFW area?

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By Kristi Diane Sweet, 2012-02-14

My name is Kristi, and I'm interested in dreading my hair. I just have a few questions. I started to do it tonight, and totally chickened out and brushed them back out [I did the twist and rip]

Is there any way you can dye your hair while it's dreaded?

If I only want them for like a month, how hard would it be to remove them?

And, last but not least, how do you wash your hair and scalp?

I'd really love to figure these things out so I can start my hair tomorrow hopefully. I ask about the hair dying because my hair is currently black and pink, and I don't want it to look funny when it grows out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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