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By: chrysanthy
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There are different dreadlocks history according to the different parts of the world associated with the dreadlocks culture.
North African is its Origin
North Africa has many tribes, ethnic groups and cultures have known to sport different dreadlocks styles. Even today, you will find the warriors of Kenya wearing long, thin, red dreadlocks. The spiritual men and women or priests are said to wear dreadlocks. Namib desert in Namibia, is home to one of the oldest ethnic group of the Himba people. The Himba women sport a unique dreadlocks style. As the people of Africa moved around the world, they carried the dreadlocks culture along with them. Soon, different cultures started adapting the dreadlocks in association with their own unique culture.
The ancient Egyptian culture is known for its different cultural flavors that was the basis of their traditionally rich society. Looks of an individual was a major issue as it helped distinguish people according to their social status. Egyptians had different hairstyles according to the age, sex and social standings. If you have a look at the bas-reliefs, statuary and related artifacts from ancient Egypt; you will notice that Egyptians wore a locked hairstyles as well as wigs. The mummified Egyptian pharaohs have been discovered wearing locked hair. It is thought, those who wore dreadlocks in Egypt had a strong social standing and were known to hold a powerful position in the society. One dreadlocks facts is that the oldest societies of the world to wear dreadlocks was the ancient Egyptian culture.
now we can see many people all over the world have dreadlock or wear one. especial in a bar with LED spotlights . i looks amazing. what about you? do you have or have wear one before?

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