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06 Reinventing Your Exit.m4a

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05 From the Inside Out...

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Danielle Cacioppo
10/04/10 09:43:54AM @jesse-rose:
YAY! I am sooo glad you love it! (((H*U*G*S)))

Danielle Cacioppo
10/03/10 12:54:10PM @jesse-rose:
ok sweet mama the rest of the pics are finally up! I had to wait for it to stop raining! It was a lil windy out so keep that in mind. Much Love

Andrew Bet
09/08/10 09:55:59AM @devon:
Saw that and thought of ya!

Andrew Bet
09/08/10 09:55:45AM @devon:

Danielle Cacioppo
08/27/10 01:42:34PM @jesse-rose:
oh no mama I didn't think you were implying that at all I'm sorry! That was just my lil shpeil i throw at everyone that makes a custom order with me!lol!!! You seem totally laid back and open minded (i wish every customer was like you!lol!) sometimes I've found that if i don't try to be really upfront about the specifics people can sometimes get the wrong idea ya know!? so now all that crap is outta the way If you don't mind a MO that would be great fro me as I am in the process of switching banks and I need to do that before my paypal account is accurate. I already can see your skirt in my minds eye! I am very excited to make you something beautiful! I will message you my addy if a MO works for u and I'll get crackin! (((H*U*G*S))) Much Love!!

Danielle Cacioppo
08/27/10 12:31:58PM @jesse-rose:
ok I agree with the sizing! I won't copy anyone's design exactly and i try to steer clear of custom orders that are too specific but I'd be more than happy to make you a skirt i think you will *love* if you can allow me some artistic freedom ;o) You basically want a full length panel skirt with a tree applique. I could do that for $65 I don't want to go too much cheaper because then I'll really be undercutting my fellow stitchin sisters. I would need your color preference and hip/length measurements. If you decide that it's something you want to go through with then I usually ask for 1/2 payment upfront on custom orders (sorry if that sounds strict it's a pretty common policy online) and it should take me no more than 2 weeks to finish.

Danielle Cacioppo
08/27/10 10:41:01AM @jesse-rose:
HI! Every skirt differs so much in the amount of time put into it I don't have an exact price range but a long cotton,patchy panel skirt doesn't take too long but an applique of that size would take a lot of work. Not that I mind i love to do applique but the majority of the labor is in the applique. I would do a skirt like the one in the pic but a tree instead of flowers(assuming you want the same size app??) $80 if you want a smaller applique I can lower the price accordingly. Much Love

Angel De La Riva
08/24/10 05:12:42PM @kendle:
hi how are you.....

Connie Smith
08/10/10 09:40:30AM @andrew-shirley:
That's awesome! They look 100 times better than mine do when I t&r.. Well enjoy the new journey!

Connie Smith
08/09/10 11:20:40PM @andrew-shirley:
heyy like the dreads.. howd u do em? i saw u were all braided.. n then u t&r'd..? after u took em out? i dnt really understand..? :)

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