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Jackie C.


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user image 2012-02-16
By: Jackie C.
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Hi all! I'm Jackie and i'm new to the site. i've been researching dreads for some time now, and always find myself gravitating toward this site. i am going to be putting in my 2nd set of dreads probably next week. my first set i combed out 10 years ago because i was afraid of what people thought. i think i'm ready to really commit to dreads this time. 'wish i could write more, but the natives(kids) are getting restless. :) peace and blessings!

Jackie C.
02/17/12 06:38:16PM @jackie-c:

i felt led to not comb my hair today, so i guess i'm starting the neglect method. already feeling liberated. :) should i wait til they're formed to put beads in?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/16/12 03:34:01PM @soaring-eagle:

Welcome dreads are supposed to make you I unafraid of what people think

Tara C
02/16/12 11:57:37AM @tara-c:

Glad you've decided to give it another go and not care about what people think :) welcome.

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