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La Tres (3) Dia

By Kara Simpson, 2012-02-23

So, I'm really happy with what they look like so far, they're locking quite fast in the front, but the back is still a really normal looking, is there any way to help it catch up to the front?

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its time to dread >.<

By Ali Rush, 2012-02-23

hey ,

iv always wanted dreads, and now, thanks to someencouragementfrom somefriends, seems like as good a time as any >.<

i haveshoulderlength REALLY curly hair, and wasattemptingto do the "neglect" method by washing it every 3 days and just letting it go .... but alas , then i just get one giant mess so from what iv read im guessing this is where the "ripping" comes in :)

... last brushed on the 20th Febuary :)

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Day one

By Katelyn Demidow, 2012-02-23

Here I go.

I'm starting my journey.

Today I am considering day one.

Any advice?

<3My daughter is a ham as you can see.

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re-growing my hair again(journey to jah)

By Gene Thompson, 2012-02-23

Bless'd love to all my dreadies! Man its been a long time since I've been on here, I see some new features (soaringeagle) youre awesome man! Anyways the last time I was on was a few weeks after I cut my first pair of locks :( I know, I miss them like you wouldn't belieVE. Many circumstances contributed to that, but I've reasoned with myself and jah and realized that it is the whole essence of my being, what I'm meant to be. I'm in the process of growing my hair again, I have a little fro right now lol. I'm desperate to have my locks back so I'm eating healthy, drinking lots of water, I've even started taking b vitamins and biotin supplements! lol, but ultimately I know that time is the master. Any suggestions as to what I can do to keep my hair growing steady and strong while I grow enough length to lock? I appreciate it you guys, one love. Oh yeah, and I'm mixed black and mexican so I have kinda curly wavyish hair. Peace.

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Day 2!!

By Kara Simpson, 2012-02-22

I wore my hair up today, just because my hair looks a wreck... I know its suppose to but I slept on it last night and iit already started matting (mainly because its really damaged at the ends) Should I not put them up at all? will it mess up the process?

I want to speed up this process a little and I was wondering if beads would help?

and when they say, "Don't wash them!", is it bad to get them wet in general?

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Help please

By Jimmy DC, 2012-02-22

Yo i want some help on this dreading process, I am ofHispanicheritage with curly hair about 4 inches long and i have no dread experience but i was thinking on travelling and thought this type of hair would fit my experience, I am 16 years old .So i was thinking on doing the backcombing process but some ppl said i shuld go natural but idk, I wanna know which one is better quality and how long it takes for the process. Thank you for the help

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What would you say?

By Monica Hunter, 2012-02-21
I've been a stay at home mom for about a year. I'm getting ready to return to the workforce. I'm not one to care what people think, but I get A LOT of uninformed opinions and questions about my hair, often rude, but I'm not one to bite back and i usually quietly ignore it but i find myself upset later when I think about what I should have said. Most people ask, do you wash your hair, or do you put oil in it so it doesn't smell, or why would you do that to your hair? I guess I'm curious about what others have said. I want to be more prepared this time.
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By Kara Simpson, 2012-02-21

I want today to be the beginning point for my dreads and I have been reading about it, but it seems so damn difficult. I want the simplest instructions so I can get this shit started! Im way too excited to wait!

I have medium length blonde hair and I want natural looking dreads!



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little help:p

By Buffsolo, 2012-02-20
so im new;P and i dont have dreads yet but i will be soon i been lookin on youtube and online but i wantted to get some advive from some dread heads:))im soo ready to start mine i just want them to be rite....
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By Charlie Jensen, 2012-02-19

So I'm obviously new to this! not know what I'm doing and will soon be able to figure it out, but anyways, my dreads are a week and one day old, and I love them[:

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