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Diego F.


Location: São Paulo
Country: Brazil

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Help us! Brazil needs your help!

By Diego F., 2013-06-15

Hello to all my dreadhead friends here on dreadlockssite!

I'm making this blog post because there are a lot of protests going on Brazil, especially here on So Paulo against the increase of bus fare. The increase of 0.10 dollar cents is a lot for us, because most of us receives just an minimum wage of something like $300.

Now the worker who receives the minimum wage have to pay at least 20% of its wage just to go to work and go back to home 5 days a week, and this is really an absurd, because everything is expensive here, with a minimum wage is nearly impossible to rent a house here to live alone [except if you go to the slums/favella's where are governed by criminal organizations].

Now the poor have to skip one meal of the day just to pay the fare to go to work! The local media are calling us as "vandals" and "rioters". The fare increased and the public transportation is still poor like never before, there are no improvements, nothing is right here!

Last thursday we have an big protest on the center of So Paulo, and police were firing rubber bullets and tear gas bombs without being attacked. There was an time that me and my friend wanted to go home, we tried to talk to police, but they threw 2 tear gas grenades on us, i almost fell out on the ground with lack of oxygen... On Monday the protests will continue and we expect at least 10.000 of people on the streets.

So to all my friends, i don't know how the press on your countries are telling about what is happening here on Brazil... but... if you can share on twitter/facebook or other networks this video, it will be very helpful, please spread the truth, because we will have an fifa world cup here soon, and the government is trying to sell an fake image of Brazil to the foreign people that will come here to watch the games

Here is the video [the audio is on english]:

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Dreadlockshampoo Patchouli Bar - Review

By Diego F., 2013-03-24

Hey people, whassup?

I tried the patchouli soap bar today [i was told that the bars are for mature locks, but i did it just for the science], and here are my first impressions about this soap bar:

- Very hard to lather, for some minutes i thought that it was impossible to get foam from this bar... I tried lathering it on my hands, and nothing. I slipped the bar onto my hair and scalp while rinsing some water on it [it needed a constant flow of water to lather] and it felt sticky and weird...

- Very hard to rinse... i needed 20 min to rinse it from my hair...

- it got on my eye... oh sh*t, it was like my eyes were in fire

- Different from the Locking Up Liquid Shampoo that i tried before, it didn't made my hair soft or conditioned like the liquid one do

- it seems like my hair is drying faster

- I checked my hair with my cam and it didn't leave any residue on my hair...

So... i'm a bit confused... i'll let my hair dry, and tomorrow i'll edit this blog and tell you if it affected the dreading proccess in some way... Like i said in my previous blog post, the Locking Up Liquid Shampoo makes my hair soft after washing but when it dries it retangle again... This bar didn't softened my hair [what i think it's great] but the i was afraid that it would leave some residue on my hair because... luckily i rinsed my hair well and there's no residue...

For now i'll give 2.5/5 stars... tomorrow this could change ;D

what do ya think?

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Well, it arrived today on my house [with some bars and the nag champa sample] and i washed my hair with it.

i had to lather it on my hands then i gently put the foam on my hair and scalp.

I rinsed, then i air dried my hair for some hours [i washed my hair 6 hours ago and now it is very dry]

My hair is very clean, never felt it so clean, i think it is better than washing with bs/acv and i saved a lot of time on the bath.

The shampoo made my hair a little soft. Not soft like my dreads will unravel, all of my dreads are intact and even some baby sections of stray hair still hold together, i feel that my hair is soft but more prone to knots than before.

2 hours after washing i had to separate [yeah it really helps your dreads and sections to lock up]

I loved it so much, and i still smell the scent on my hair [my gf loved it also].

I recommend it!

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I'm very irritated because i have to separate everyday, because the tips of my sections and dreads are so curl and them start knotting on others distant sections curled tips...

1/3 of the time i separate my hair, i broke some hair, and undo some of the progress... There's no other way [i've seen the separating tutorial here], and this is just f*cking annoying... now i have more and more frizz and more loosened sections...

and i have to separate, because i don't want big congos on my head, nor a monodread

don't really know what to do... it usually happens on the back of my head, and i can't put beads on my dreads because of the weird shaped loops, and because the problem are on the curled tips...

I know it is slowing the proccess a bit, should i only embrace this, keep separating and wait for more tightness of the sections and dreads until they stop doing this?

Here are some pictures of the back of my head... My hair is LONGER there, there are sections who are 7 inches, but are too curled...

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I can feel it!

By Diego F., 2012-12-18

Nearly seven months... And as time passes by, i can feel the changes happening!

My sections are locking and looping...Now i have LOTS AND LOTS of loops, and today i felt that lots of those sections are already dreads, that are locking and getting tight...

Yesterday i ripped my biggest section in 3 dreads, because i was looking the root, and i saw that it was really giant, and now i have lots of thin dreads and lots of medium-sized dreads, in a original and crazy pattern...

What i saw in the back of my head in the end of the last month, i'm seeing it happening in the sides of my head... now it is looking more like dreadlocks in formation...

I think i had overcome my psoriasis [with the help of spike lavender and rosemary oil on my washings]...

And what i most love is that i will be one of these curly dreadheads... my hair shrunk a lot on the backs of my head, because it is so curly, there are sections who curl 7 times, it is so lovely!

Now i'm SURE that i will never cut my hair again, and i'm learning a lot of good things on this journey, i can even see an improvement on my DEPRESSION because i learnt how to be patient and positive about the things!

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10 days ahead of six months

By Diego F., 2012-11-22

Nearly six months and lots of things are happening to my hair now...

had to complete rip apart a congo on the back of my head some days ago...

and today i had to rip several dreads, including the ones of my fringe, and some of the sides, because there were hairs from one dread inside the other... now i'm with a lot of frizz, but the dreads are not harmed [the sections still together, and still tightening well]...

i don't care too much about the frizz, never cared, and never find it a problem... but hope that in time they will resettle themselves in their next neighboors or form new dreads with new growth...

Some of my sections and dreads are becoming tighter...And there are some that strangely are becoming loose [this is perfectly normal, right?], but i'm just enjoying the ride.

No more fears, i'm not too anxious like i had been for a long time of my journey.

I just have to thank everyone in this site for all the learning and support!

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Hello people! I'm in the fourth month of my journey, i have curly hair, and the lenght of my hair is crazy [varying from 4 inches to 8 inches], wash it every 2 days with bs/acv, and i'm not messing with my hair...

I have only few loops popping since the last 15 days, on the back and on the top of my head [that look a lot like "pig tails", but i find them cute], and the rest of my hair are just these firm sections [far from hard, or knotted/looped, but even the strongest water rinse can't undo them] that now are getting curlier than ever, that's amazing, because, it's like my curls are alive, but i'm anxious of how my hair will look like when it really dreads...

What frustrates me is that... my hair is very curly and i'm doing everything right, in the beginning i thought that in the fourth month my hair would have at least some few things that i could call as dreads [i have 2 or 3 but they are really really thin], but now i have those crazy things...

Maybe it's an lenght issue...

Even annoyed because of this anxiety about my hair and my future dreads, i still love all of my hair, all of my crazy and curly sections, and i don't plan to cut my hair even in the far future!

Let's see some pics!

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Now i can see them forming! I'm really loving my hair!

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