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Dragons Blood Locking Up Liquid Shampoo - My review

user image 2013-03-11
By: Diego F.
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Well, it arrived today on my house [with some bars and the nag champa sample] and i washed my hair with it.

i had to lather it on my hands then i gently put the foam on my hair and scalp.

I rinsed, then i air dried my hair for some hours [i washed my hair 6 hours ago and now it is very dry]

My hair is very clean, never felt it so clean, i think it is better than washing with bs/acv and i saved a lot of time on the bath.

The shampoo made my hair a little soft. Not soft like my dreads will unravel, all of my dreads are intact and even some baby sections of stray hair still hold together, i feel that my hair is soft but more prone to knots than before.

2 hours after washing i had to separate [yeah it really helps your dreads and sections to lock up]

I loved it so much, and i still smell the scent on my hair [my gf loved it also].

I recommend it!

03/13/13 02:04:47PM @sarah6:
Love , love , love these shampoos. I live in the UK and it the delivery was super fast :) x

03/12/13 11:27:36PM @tim5:

We are all very fortunate to come to this site and find the best dreadlock shampoo in the world. It is truly a blessing. Happy dreads, happy heart, happy life.


03/12/13 12:00:10AM @mons:
I believe I'm using the Goddess bar right now as body soap. Tea tree/rosemary bar for my hair and a Dragon's blood bar waiting to be used. That's my favorite scent so far, so I'm reluctant to use it, I want to savor it lol. It may sound creepy or weird, but I keep it by my bed so I can smell it before I fall asleep lolI'm using tt/rm strictly on my hair to see if my scalp will adjust, I'm still pretty flaky but not as itchy anymore.

Diego F.
03/11/13 11:55:40PM @diego-f:

for sure i'll buy there again

Diego F.
03/11/13 11:55:17PM @diego-f:

with the Liquid one, i got 3 bars - patchouli, teatree and rosemary and Goddess [the Goddess one i gave to my gf].

I'll save them for when my dreads get more mature

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/11/13 11:35:37PM @soaring-eagle:

i love love love how soft my dreads feel after using the bars

im constanly feeling them as they dry squeezing them playing with them just loving the softness

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