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I hate to separate my dreads and sections

user image 2012-12-29
By: Diego F.
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I'm very irritated because i have to separate everyday, because the tips of my sections and dreads are so curl and them start knotting on others distant sections curled tips...

1/3 of the time i separate my hair, i broke some hair, and undo some of the progress... There's no other way [i've seen the separating tutorial here], and this is just f*cking annoying... now i have more and more frizz and more loosened sections...

and i have to separate, because i don't want big congos on my head, nor a monodread

don't really know what to do... it usually happens on the back of my head, and i can't put beads on my dreads because of the weird shaped loops, and because the problem are on the curled tips...

I know it is slowing the proccess a bit, should i only embrace this, keep separating and wait for more tightness of the sections and dreads until they stop doing this?

Here are some pictures of the back of my head... My hair is LONGER there, there are sections who are 7 inches, but are too curled...

Diego F.
12/29/12 06:24:02PM @diego-f:

they combine because the tips are extremely curly...

when i separate i just find some tips FULLY combined like they are DREADING and KNOTTING together... i have to pull hair to hair to facilitate the proccess of separating, but there are times that some hair get stuck on the knot and it broke because i have to use force to uncombine the tips...

and i really have to separate at least 2 times a day, i can separate now, and 3 hours after i will find tips combining again... i love to have curly hair, but it is a pain in the ass

thanks for the advice Ixchel and SE, i'm very thankful!

I'll try wrapping the tips of my dreads and sections... maybe this will help them to lock too, i hope... and will keep them from combining

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/29/12 06:10:37PM @soaring-eagle:

its unusual for the tips to combine but u can fit a bead over em and or a peyote stitch or wrap

when yu seperare are they lile pulling hard ripping alot or just a few hairs here and there

12/29/12 06:07:48PM @ixchel:

you could use cheap wood beads & then just break them out if they get stuck?

Diego F.
12/29/12 06:02:34PM @diego-f:

beads won't work too much because of the curly undreaded tips that will try to reach other tips and knot with them...

maybe wraps could work, i'll give it a try

the big problem was that i didn't separate for 3 months and i wanted the congos... but then i changed my mind and wanted thin/medium-sized dreads and had to divide a lot of sections...

12/29/12 05:43:43PM @ixchel:

could you maybe try a few wraps instead of beads? or fatter beads that will fit over the chunky loops? it does get crazy for a while & you have toseparateA LOT sometimes, but it does calm down & you will have to do it less just gotta make it to that point! I'm just getting to the point where I have to separate more & there is one spot on my head that I'm constantly trying to pull 3 of them apart, or they will end up HUGE & right in the front of my noggin lol. It's a battle but I'm hoping they'll stop trying to eat each other up soon :) hang in there ;)

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