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Diego F.


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I hate to separate my dreads and sections

By: Diego F.
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I'm very irritated because i have to separate everyday, because the tips of my sections and dreads are so curl and them start knotting on others distant sections curled tips...

1/3 of the time i separate my hair, i broke some hair, and undo some of the progress... There's no other way [i've seen the separating tutorial here], and this is just f*cking annoying... now i have more and more frizz and more loosened sections...

and i have to separate, because i don't want big congos on my head, nor a monodread

don't really know what to do... it usually happens on the back of my head, and i can't put beads on my dreads because of the weird shaped loops, and because the problem are on the curled tips...

I know it is slowing the proccess a bit, should i only embrace this, keep separating and wait for more tightness of the sections and dreads until they stop doing this?

Here are some pictures of the back of my head... My hair is LONGER there, there are sections who are 7 inches, but are too curled...

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