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Dreadlockshampoo Patchouli Bar - Review

user image 2013-03-24
By: Diego F.
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Hey people, whassup?

I tried the patchouli soap bar today [i was told that the bars are for mature locks, but i did it just for the science], and here are my first impressions about this soap bar:

- Very hard to lather, for some minutes i thought that it was impossible to get foam from this bar... I tried lathering it on my hands, and nothing. I slipped the bar onto my hair and scalp while rinsing some water on it [it needed a constant flow of water to lather] and it felt sticky and weird...

- Very hard to rinse... i needed 20 min to rinse it from my hair...

- it got on my eye... oh sh*t, it was like my eyes were in fire

- Different from the Locking Up Liquid Shampoo that i tried before, it didn't made my hair soft or conditioned like the liquid one do

- it seems like my hair is drying faster

- I checked my hair with my cam and it didn't leave any residue on my hair...

So... i'm a bit confused... i'll let my hair dry, and tomorrow i'll edit this blog and tell you if it affected the dreading proccess in some way... Like i said in my previous blog post, the Locking Up Liquid Shampoo makes my hair soft after washing but when it dries it retangle again... This bar didn't softened my hair [what i think it's great] but the i was afraid that it would leave some residue on my hair because... luckily i rinsed my hair well and there's no residue...

For now i'll give 2.5/5 stars... tomorrow this could change ;D

what do ya think?

Diego F.
03/26/13 07:11:48PM @diego-f:

lots of conflicting reports... even my gf said that her bar lathered very easy and rinsed well...

but her shower have a filter

03/26/13 06:28:59PM @tim5:

I have noticed that sometimes it does not lather as well, when that happens I rinse it and wash again, then it does lather well. I put it down to oil in the hair, so once that is washed off it should lather just fine. That is what I have found anyway. And I have never had a problem rinsing it out.

Diego F.
03/26/13 10:42:05AM @diego-f:

2 days after using the bar i can say that it locked my hair more than the Liquid.

i liked it, but i don't plan to use it too much because it takes time to lather and to rinse out of my hair

Diego F.
03/25/13 10:51:07AM @diego-f:

i plan to keep using the Liquid shampoo, but i'll give a try to another wash with the bar [like prince


what's weird is that i gave the goddess bar to my gf and she is using it since 03/11 and she doesn't have any problems lathering it for body clean [i found that the bar was hard to lather in body or hands]

03/24/13 08:49:31PM @heather:

i posted a discussion recently on this. i was having the hardest time with the bars until a few people mentioned that you really need to use a lot. i rub the bar all over my scalp wetting the bar between swipes. i get a huge billowing cloud of bubbles. i scrub my scalp and then rinse really well. squeaky clean! btw, i have really bad hard water too.

Diego F.
03/24/13 07:07:28PM @diego-f:

i was checking other reviews and i saw lots of conflicting reviews... yeah i think that it can be the water... here we have very very hard water...

anyway, i don't plan to wash my hair with the bars in the coming months, for now i prefer the Liquid Shampoo...

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