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Crazy curls that make me anxious for the final result

user image 2012-10-01
By: Diego F.
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Hello people! I'm in the fourth month of my journey, i have curly hair, and the lenght of my hair is crazy [varying from 4 inches to 8 inches], wash it every 2 days with bs/acv, and i'm not messing with my hair...

I have only few loops popping since the last 15 days, on the back and on the top of my head [that look a lot like "pig tails", but i find them cute], and the rest of my hair are just these firm sections [far from hard, or knotted/looped, but even the strongest water rinse can't undo them] that now are getting curlier than ever, that's amazing, because, it's like my curls are alive, but i'm anxious of how my hair will look like when it really dreads...

What frustrates me is that... my hair is very curly and i'm doing everything right, in the beginning i thought that in the fourth month my hair would have at least some few things that i could call as dreads [i have 2 or 3 but they are really really thin], but now i have those crazy things...

Maybe it's an lenght issue...

Even annoyed because of this anxiety about my hair and my future dreads, i still love all of my hair, all of my crazy and curly sections, and i don't plan to cut my hair even in the far future!

Let's see some pics!

10/09/12 09:51:17PM @aria:
Thanks :)

Diego F.
10/09/12 08:37:33PM @diego-f:

To Arya

ACV = Appleseed Vinegar... If you wash your hair with baking soda, you have to rinse your hair with it, because baking soda screw up the PH of the scalp, and the vinegar restores it...

I usually do this recipe:

1 liter of water + 1 tablespoon of appleseed vinegar... Mix it, and after RINSING OUT all of the baking soda of my hair, i pour it on my hair and scalp, leave it for 1 minute and then rinse out...

It relieves itches, and soften the texture of the hair a bit [as my hair is not long, i only do 1 tablespoon of it]

10/09/12 08:15:45PM @aria:
I still don't know. Can someone tell me what this ACV is that everyone talks about?

Diego F.
10/07/12 06:06:39PM @diego-f:

yeah i should try stop looking in the mirror everytime...

and the only way i can see changes is by comparing pics

10/07/12 05:25:03PM @amethyst777:

I think it's gonna be awesome and form awesome locks! I can totally see the progress. You should go back and compare your earlier pics.. Don't give up, it's looking great!

Tara C
10/07/12 02:03:08PM @tara-c:

I started my dreads by backcombing, but I uncombed some of them months ago and let them do their own thing, and every single one of them still looks like undreaded hair. Absolutely no knots whatsoever, just sectioned. So it is something that requires patience, but just keep at it and you will see the progress :) try not to focus on it day-to-day, just go a while without even looking at it and you'll be able to see the progress more. If you look often, you won't notice any changes. If you wait a long time, you'll see huge progress.

Star Gryphon
10/07/12 12:20:58PM @star-gryphon:

length can definitely be part of it...just forget about them....a watched pot never boils!

Diego F.
10/07/12 11:51:21AM @diego-f:

thanks for all the support people... And SE, yeah sometimes i use sea salt, but not on every wash because i feel it irritates my scalp a little...

maybe the big problem is that... i go to the mirror every hour to see changes, and i don't notice things... but everyone say that my progress is ok.

thanks again for all the support!

Allan Welch
10/07/12 09:42:07AM @allan-welch:

awesome progress m8! your hair is starting to dread trust me! and man don't get annoyed, i'm just like you i have and had very very curly frizzy/thick hair before i started the neglect dread journey and mine only truly started dreading in the 2nd year in lol. it's a journey man and trust me your hair is already starting :)

10/02/12 01:15:56AM @burgandy:
Yess I have extremely curly hair as well. The baking soda and acv us really nice ..I use dr..bronners bar soap and it helps so much!

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