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Diego F.


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10 days ahead of six months

user image 2012-11-22
By: Diego F.
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Nearly six months and lots of things are happening to my hair now...

had to complete rip apart a congo on the back of my head some days ago...

and today i had to rip several dreads, including the ones of my fringe, and some of the sides, because there were hairs from one dread inside the other... now i'm with a lot of frizz, but the dreads are not harmed [the sections still together, and still tightening well]...

i don't care too much about the frizz, never cared, and never find it a problem... but hope that in time they will resettle themselves in their next neighboors or form new dreads with new growth...

Some of my sections and dreads are becoming tighter...And there are some that strangely are becoming loose [this is perfectly normal, right?], but i'm just enjoying the ride.

No more fears, i'm not too anxious like i had been for a long time of my journey.

I just have to thank everyone in this site for all the learning and support!

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