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Thinking of combin dreads out

By Ana, 2012-12-22

Hey everyone.

I love love love my dreads even if they look like shit right now (messy, frizzy). I know that I will really miss them if I comb them out. But the thing is,my family is making me fell so bad about having them that I just can't take it no more. I listend to them about my hair for 10 months, every day. My brother is the worst. He's really mean to me about my dreads and I don't think he understands how that affects me. like, tooday he said: You're so ugly, look how knotted your hair is, why don't you comb it out... I don't know what to do anymore. I think that maybe this isn't the right time for me to have dreads and i can always have them back. But Iove them so much. Although, maybe I need a change. But I'm so attached to them it hurts. I don't know what to do ...

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dyshidrotic eczema

By Brandi Leigh, 2012-12-22

So, I switched out all my soaps and shampoo with all natural items in anattempt to control my eczema ( and obviously to have healthy, residue free hair ).

My skin did NOT approve of this change. I watched my hands literally dry out and huge blisters show up.

So now I'm stuck with the long and incredibly annoying task of figuring out which item/ingrediant my skin has decided to hate this time.

So annoying this seems to always happen to me when I try to bring natural products in the house :(

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did i sleep thrpugh the apocalypse again?

By ☮ soaring eagle ॐ, 2012-12-22

why is every apocalypse so boring? wheres the asteroids crashing into the planet? wheres the super novas and black holes? wheres the nukes and terrorists?

id even settle for a sky full of naked christians putting on a porno for us sinners left below

but no..nothing just a lil snow knocking out the cable and internet for an hour but thats all

ofcourse the history channel and scifi were running countdown to apocalypse marathons to entertain us with doom and gloom fear

and our ever loving government now running those today is the day before disaster awareness commercials telling us to be ready ...

ready for what? to be bored to death?

oh yes and fox news ofcourse capitalizing on the end of days doom too showcasing doomsday preppers and high tech bunkers and silly fools who spend millions preparing for ..wait.. wernt they preparing for the end 12 21 2012?

the lil clock on my taskbar saying 3 am 12 22 2012..i heard no deafening roar of earth shattering asteroids.. no gama ray bursts from a billion light years away eradicting all life

no earthquakes no horsemen or antichrists no pestilence i doubt rivers turned to blood (i think they'd mention that on the news if anything fun like that took place)

its dark out and too cold to bother looking but im certain theres no sky full of naked ppl nor piles of clothes left frozen to the ground

even us humans with our infinate egos and thirst for self destruction barely made a dent in our growing population

ok so maybe a few thousand species went extinct because of our igniorance ..but thats no different from yesterday or the day before

so if we cant even get apocalypse right...lets at least hope that those idealists those who are mocked for having pipe dreams the hippies the idealists and revolutionaries had it right and we are finaly beginning a ascension into a new age..lets hope we wake up from our ignorance and learn to live by love not fear unity not seperation peace not war ..and learn to take better care of our planet and our future

maybe now we can finaly learn to embrace not fear the next big date of human evolution . for every end is just a beginning and our indomitable spirit can overcome any prophesy of doom and turn our darkest hour into the brightest light

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Requiring dread help.

By Natasha Gray, 2012-12-20

Never in my life had dreadlocks before, I think they are so beautiful and even though they are a lot ofmaintenance, are pretty lovely to manage and decorate.Been considering getting dreadlocks for a good few years now but seriously don't know where to start.

I want to be able to get beautiful healthy dreadlocks that wont damage my hair in the long run.
After doing research, I have been unsure of whichtechniquesto do. I would love to try something new and I have most definitely fallen in love with dreadlocks but I want a technique that, if for some reason I do decide to take them out, I do not want to get them cut out and I don't want damage to my hair.

I decided to come to this website due to the experienced members, I would really appreciate advice to help this novice get absolutely stunning dreadlocks!

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Snow storms!welcome to WI

By jazzymomma, 2012-12-20

This is a picture of my car! today at 2pm or so! December 19th 2012

practically first snow of the year! crazy wind of 26 MPH and temperature of 34 at the moment suposed to drop in early 20;s ranges next following days! 93%humidity, yuck. my VW Passat isnt going to even make it out the end of the driveway lol damn good thing we keep a good amount of food int he pantry.:) i tried to get the snow off my car to try an drive it and as soon as i finished, i had thought! i already had to get snow off all over again! grr

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Suddenly mom to a 2yr old! :)

By amethyst777, 2012-12-20

Hey fellow dreadies!

My partner and I have suddenly and unexpectedly become moms to our 2yr old nephew. He adorable and as sweet as can be. Right now he's special needs. We aren't sure if he's behind because he was terribly neglected up until this point (we had no idea), or if there is something more going on. We've been working with him everyday. He is 2, but functions at about a 6mo old level. Doesn't walk, talk, eat solid foods, I don't think he recognizes his own name. It's getting better every day though.

It's taken all us and his grandparents had to get papers filed to adopt, or get custody of him. Christmas is so close... sigh... If any of you have anything you could donate it would be much appreciated. He's in a size 4T. So clothes, books, toys, gift cards... anything would help. It was just so unexpected it's been a hard couple of weeks.

If you can help us, help the little guy, just message me and I'll get our info to you. Sorry for asking for help, we're just close to desperate at the moment.

Happy Holidays to all of you and thanks in advance :)

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7 Month Update Dec 15th

By Hollach, 2012-12-20

Not much progress but if this is the way mother nature intended my hair to be...

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What it means.

By Liz2, 2012-12-20

After reading through the reasons behind many beginning their dread journeys, I'd like to try to articulate my reasons for doing so. I guess it's an attempt to reaffirm my own thoughts. First, it helps that I've always found dreadlocks to be beautiful, even as a young child.

The past couple of years or so has been particularly difficult for me, mentally and spiritually. I won't go into too many boring details, but in a nutshell, being stuck in a dead end job that wears me down as a human being is killing my soul. A succession of terrible decisions, harmful vices, and self-destructive behavior has turned me into someone that I hate. There's this constant, nagging feeling of helplessness and anger that is always right underneath the surface. I'm not about anger and hate. I want/need/crave peace and balance in my life.

My passions and dreams have fallen to the wayside and I've let myself become entangled in a cycle of working to pay bills, being financially secure, staying rooted to avoid the scary prospect of not knowing what will happen in the future. I wish I had the courage to let go and to free myself. My spirit is starved for adventure and beautiful life experiences. My boyfriend and I have been planning and saving up to be able to hopefully do just that one day. Letting my hair go is a small step I'm taking toward learning to not worry so much and to rediscover myself--to stop caring so much about what I'm expected to do and do what I want to do NOW, before it's too late and I regret not having done it later. I need to rediscover myself, to learn to love and accept who I am now.

I'm sure a lot of other people have felt this way too... Okay. That's a bunch of reasons. Sorry for rambling, but it was important for me to put my thoughts into writing.

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Soap making?

By Coloursnrainbows, 2012-12-19
So I want to try to make some soap either bar soap or liquid. Maybe both. But I can't seem to understand why lye is needed. I know there needs to be a chemical reaction for something. But I just really want a simple recipe for all natural soap. Without using lye. It honestly scares me. Anyone got any ideas!?
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Voodoo Dread Soap!!!

By Skully, 2012-12-19

Got it in the mail on Monday!!! Can't wait to try it, it smells so good! I can't wash my hair until tomorrow but I might make an exception :) I will most definitely be going to them from now on because their customer service was amazing! Good company :)

But now I've got to go check on stuff for AG.

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