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I can feel it!

By Diego F., 2012-12-18

Nearly seven months... And as time passes by, i can feel the changes happening!

My sections are locking and looping...Now i have LOTS AND LOTS of loops, and today i felt that lots of those sections are already dreads, that are locking and getting tight...

Yesterday i ripped my biggest section in 3 dreads, because i was looking the root, and i saw that it was really giant, and now i have lots of thin dreads and lots of medium-sized dreads, in a original and crazy pattern...

What i saw in the back of my head in the end of the last month, i'm seeing it happening in the sides of my head... now it is looking more like dreadlocks in formation...

I think i had overcome my psoriasis [with the help of spike lavender and rosemary oil on my washings]...

And what i most love is that i will be one of these curly dreadheads... my hair shrunk a lot on the backs of my head, because it is so curly, there are sections who curl 7 times, it is so lovely!

Now i'm SURE that i will never cut my hair again, and i'm learning a lot of good things on this journey, i can even see an improvement on my DEPRESSION because i learnt how to be patient and positive about the things!

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Dreads on tv...Kind of.

By Mons, 2012-12-18
I'm watching the 3rd season of Breaking Bad for the umpteenth time. I just noticed that in one scene of the first episode there is a kid with some seriously badass natural dreads in the background.That's all. Thought I'd share :)
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First time for everything.

By Liz2, 2012-12-17

So I've been wanting dreads for a million years, but there have always been reasons ( or excuses ) for me not to commit to starting them. The main one being that I needed to move out of my parents home--for obvious reasons. I guess that I also thought that my hair was incapable of forming dreads. The last time I brushed my hair was years ago, but they never formed so much as a knot. Coming to this site, I realized it's because I always conditioned my hair. So hopefully now, without the conditioner in the picture, my hair will be able to do what it wants to! Super excited about beginning the process and committing to it. :)

I'm also excited about having found this community. I'll try to post photos sometime soon to use as a reference in the future.


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Dread bead waterproofing

By Jordan Toler, 2012-12-17
Hey i recently made my own dread bead out of oak i think and am wondering after i stain it how can I go about sealing or water proofing it so i dont have to take it out everytime i shower
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homemade stressball recipe

By jazzymomma, 2012-12-16

youll need: 1 bag flour, a package of balloons, a spoon, a funnel and ur hands lol

you might need to gently work the flour down ward to make sure to work in down to the rest of the balloon

then keep repeating that step, may get plugged up, just work in down again with ur hands

u can keep filling it as big as u want to, to allow more room for flour take funnel off and hold stem push in straight down swishing balloon flatter this will give it a weird shape and allow for more filling

good luck making your own

you can decorate it with permanent makers, or stuff it in a clean colorful lost other match sock lol

hey gives u a new use for it lol

if u hav any questions or wanna share ur creation feel free

most important happi de-stressing! peace

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short dread up do's :)

By Sarah Nater, 2012-12-16
Does anyone have any picture of stlying dreads? I have a hot date for new years and want to have my hair up with a headband or some brooch in it. My dreads are barely touching my shoulders.
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Fellow dredheads i need your votes!

By jazzymomma, 2012-12-16

vote by simply adding comments with what vote you decide on. thanks so much! i am making my second batch of Dredlock Jewels!so voting choices are:more metal? or more beads?/ second vote: bright beads do u like better? or neutral earth tone beads? refer to the pics below.include thoughts and opinions thanks!

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3rd week

By Arlequine Mardoll, 2012-12-16

3rd week, only neglect and BS-ACV washes... Added some pictures...

I'm playing a bit with my essential oils, today's rosmary + lavander + rose smelled really great. Also rinced with cold water to avoid scalp over-drying - I'm not really prone to dandruff or itching but I guess it cannot hurt to take some precautions.

Still not a lot of knots, considering my curly hair I thought I would be much faster to tangle! I even barely have to separate. I have a nice loopy one though which I check every day because she's trying to eat hair from everywhere around my head. I'm pretty much afraid of shrinking but well - with curly hair, it was already shrinking all the time due to the curls anyway !

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Poor innocent children brutally murdered

By jazzymomma, 2012-12-16

poor sweet innocent beautiful lil children say a few prayers or meditate for them, whatever you believe in send them your love and sympathy. and may each an every child lost find its way! may their be justice found for every child's family. peace b with u my 6yr old daughter made this card for them awwh u all.

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my hardest choice i made

By jazzymomma, 2012-12-16

hi i am writing about my new lil baby dred and its birth story ha. so i had a dred that was like suposed to be two dreds and the fused together. but the roots were all seperate and in two formed peices i had to decide weather to leave it huge and watch it grow out to figure out wat would become of it. it was already tight and locked so to separate it back to two somehow wasnt an option really. well it was down to ripping or actually had to cut. so i couldn't rip or snip it apart cuz already made itself into one dred so i cut the dred root sort of in half an let it be one bigger dred and now the other lil section. is a brand new baby one. that will need some monitoring sd id grows because i want it to be its own dred not congo again. so my dred count is at 20. but now its going up to 21 aww. they often count down a few not up. lol well its my llil one. lol let me know wat i think or advice or ur story.

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