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New beginnings

user image 2012-12-27
By: bells
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Every knot was an intention, a manifestation, a prayer.

They carry my hopes, dreams, wishes, and plans;


i will live closer to the Earth.

i will renew my yoga practice.

i will strive to treat others with loving kindness.

i will strive to treat myself with loving kindness.

i will live outside the chains of expectation.

i will be patient, and therefore peaceful.

i will manifest love and joy in my daily living.

i will be more my Self.

i will find beauty wherever i walk.

i will always seek Truth.

These things i carry with me, now, locked into place, part of me. An ever-present, nearly intrinsic reminder of where my path lies. These things i bind to myself, in knots that can't be untied.

i wish everyone blessings in the year ahead.

Patience White
08/23/14 08:08:08PM @patience-white:

This is beautiful! I strive to live by this everyday.

Lisa Ann Maynard
07/31/14 06:41:38AM @lisa-ann-maynard:
Amazing! This deserves to be hanging in places all over the world to bring inspiration, peace, love, strength, hope & harmony to those blessed to see it!!! It sure provoked many thoughts & emotions inside of me to start this beautiful day on...thank you for spreading such light

Jennaleigh Moonflower
06/09/13 08:41:42PM @jennaleigh-moonflower:
These words are a beautiful reminder six months into the year. So glad I stumbled upon this. May peace and blessings fill your years

Michelle Stone
04/23/13 02:19:53AM @michelle-stone:

03/02/13 10:05:09AM @bells:

Thank you so much, you beautiful beings of light!!!

Mariah Mae Stone
03/02/13 07:33:10AM @mariah-mae-stone:

That is such an amazing and beautiful perspective on life. You're truly a beautiful person. Thank you for sharing this. I truly strive to think in that way :)

You are beautiful.

Peace, love, and God bless!

01/04/13 05:58:36AM @tim5:

beautiful words. peace and blessings

Sterling James Guthrie
01/03/13 12:44:42AM @sterling-james-guthrie:
Beautiful, the exemplary relativity to the spiritual dreading process was uncanny. It carried the soul and purpose of dreadlocks in a fashion not seen in many other mediums. Your few words carried a deeper meaning than some entire books have expressed.Truly inspiring.

12/28/12 02:40:08PM @bells:

Many many thanks!!

My hair was already wanting to dread, going the natural route, but i chose to do the tnr so i could accomplish this ritual. It was a really powerful experience.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/28/12 02:27:54PM @soaring-eagle:

love it very well said

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