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Learning more about my Dreadlocks(:

user image 2012-12-27
By: goldfish bowl
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So for a while i thought i knew all about dreads, well i was wrong there is alot to know besides washing, starting them, and taking care of them. of course while getting dreads you research it and learn about them, but when i researched i learned alot of false actions to do with dreads. if you truley want healthy and natrually beatiful dreads you have to be 100% patient and let nature take the way. i was told twisting you hair while wet is good for the dreads. FALSE, correction very bad for the dreads you hair will end up falling out! People tell me why are you doing that to your hair its groo you cant wash it. WRONG, obvously those people do not know what dreads are all about. its not just a hair style its a commitmet and spiritual thing. you can wash your hair like you normaly did. some people are dirty about them but there are also very clean hippies (:

goldfish bowl
12/27/12 10:23:44PM @goldfish-bowl:

I stoped twisting them i did wash once with A bar of soap but i been using suave shampoo because im a clean freak i have to wash my hair.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/27/12 10:21:12PM @soaring-eagle:

i just realized your white only black ppl twist dreads it does nothing for caucasian hair (nothing good but plenty bad) but for african hair twisting to starts ok as k[long as u dont keep twisting toll your bald

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