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By goldfish bowl, 2013-01-08

So ive had my dreads awhile now and my bangs nor back of my head will not dread. The hole top of hair is dreaded

so im getting to the point of giving up. I love dreads but some reason my head wont finish. Im open to any opions..

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Getting artistic with dreads(:

By goldfish bowl, 2012-12-31

So recently my dreads have gotten really nice and tight no worries about them coming out, so my family starting making me beads for my dreads! I thought it was really cool not only because i had beads now in my dreads but because they were made by my family! if you put to many beads in it doesnt look very good but thats my thought. i recently started using shampoo and mixing alittle bit of the bar soap then washing and rinsing really well, but when i dryed my locks i dry them really well im so scared of mold and the nasty smell but of course i wash my hair ever single day. some poeple say there dreads are knotting up and connecting to other dreads? mine do too but they seperate on there own i do not touch my hair i like the all natrual look better and watching the progress of it (:

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Finding Myself

By goldfish bowl, 2012-12-27

So latley researching Dreadlocks and relions and spirtual factors i have been doing yoga everyday and i feel like i am be coming at peace with myself, i feel amzing in the person i am slowly becoming haveing dreads makes me feel even more into the " jah rastafari " peaceful life. This is how i feel. i feel more relaxed and calm. i think alot of people should try to be at peace with life and how things happen. I use to be a very selfish person till i finally gave myself to god and nature and i stoped caring what people have to say because as long as im happy no one can stop me from what iwanna do just live your life like no one is watching (:

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Learning more about my Dreadlocks(:

By goldfish bowl, 2012-12-27

So for a while i thought i knew all about dreads, well i was wrong there is alot to know besides washing, starting them, and taking care of them. of course while getting dreads you research it and learn about them, but when i researched i learned alot of false actions to do with dreads. if you truley want healthy and natrually beatiful dreads you have to be 100% patient and let nature take the way. i was told twisting you hair while wet is good for the dreads. FALSE, correction very bad for the dreads you hair will end up falling out! People tell me why are you doing that to your hair its groo you cant wash it. WRONG, obvously those people do not know what dreads are all about. its not just a hair style its a commitmet and spiritual thing. you can wash your hair like you normaly did. some people are dirty about them but there are also very clean hippies (:

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Another day with dreads.

By goldfish bowl, 2012-12-26

SO today its been about 2 weeks that ive had dreadlocks. I wash my hair everyday or every other day, i have not yet had a problem with them coming out? Some people say you have to use a certine type of soap for dreads, i dont go by that i do everything the same except brush, use conditioner, and style. after after i wash them i simply part them and twist everyone because when there wet is when the cois open up and grab hold of the surrounding hairs. its very importaint to twist your dreads once a week for beginners. i would LOVE to helpyou guys with your dreadlocks and help you unerstand the belief in them thanks for reading ask any questions you would like <3

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