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what did i do to my hair.

By Amanda12, 2012-09-11
I saw my Mums Mother fr the first time sence i stopped combing. I walked in her house and she was like "did you get a perm?" I said nope. " did yo cut your hair?" Nope. " what did you do?" So I told her I did nothing. Lol literally nothing. When my mum told her that i was growing dreadlocks she went off tw
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time does fly.

By Amanda12, 2012-09-06
Almost 3 months ago i set my bush free. I cant believe its been so long. I have made SO much more progress than I ever imagined. My Grandma... well honestly most of my family thinks I' ve lost my mind for good this time. But they still think that about the cloth diapers I've been using for the past two years. Lol.OMG I didnt tell you about the man I saw the other day. My mom and I (and our four kids under 4, in the back) were driving though downtown. I saw this man around my age with blonde hair and natural (and Im asuming under a year old) dreads. I waved and pointed and made a big deal.About half an hour later in Wal*Mart I saw him! I could help but look at him the entire time he walked by (you almost never see dreadlocks in Maine). He looked at me like he was descusted. I know my hair isnt dreadlocks to most people but I figured he had natural dreads he could surely tell I did too. NOT! I forgot that I had a thick headband on and my hair up to lessen the blow for my mother.Now he thinks I was either checking him out with 2 kids and a wedding ring or that I judged him. :/ oh well.Oh yeah, one last thing. DANDRUFF, ewwww. My head itched so So bad! I added litterally a drop of head and sholders to my bs and water. It stopped the flake and itch before I even got out of the shower. That was 6 days ago and I'm still itch free :)
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Are you gunna brush your hair?

By Amanda12, 2012-07-18

asked my mother! lol.

What do you want dreadlocks?


You look like a messy hippy!


Can you like brush your hair?

Umm nope.

So what your never gunna wash your hair?

Im not gunna brush it, but I wash it!

What are you gunna do when you cant get a comb though your hair?

Not brush it...



NO really brush your freakin hair.

Haha NO!

Are you really always gunna be a dirty hippy?

:D yeah :D

Yup its true, I saw my mom today! She noticed my crazy ass hair. lol

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My hair has crazy knotted volume and I love it! But my best friend thinks I look like crap. lol. She doesnt know my goal of this matted mess resembling dreadlocks someday. I am not ready to tell people. Its my thing. People will find out in time, but this isnt for them. I feel more beautiful everyday and I realize I look like a crazy homeless lady but I like it. I have completly let go of typical ideas of beauty. I have always been about 140lbs and I have always felt bigger than I want. I have had 2 children and look bigger now than I ever have been. But I feel great. I feel beautiful. I am changing my views of not only my hair but my entire body.

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By Amanda12, 2012-07-08

The other day I told about never seeing dreads... well I drove by someone with them 2 towns away from where I live.
In other dreadlock news; yesterday I went to a family reunion and my cousin loved my hair... she didnt notice the knots. She was saying how much she liked my long hair and asked how long it takes to brush it (like I time myself! lol) I said "no time at all" and she said "atleast you dont have dreadlocks!" and the hole family went on to complain about dreadlocks and how terrible that would be. I just smiled and thought YOU WILL SEE! I WILL LOOK BEAUTIFUL! ;)
I honestly dont care what people think anymore.
So it obviously dosnt look like I have dreads but when I feel my head I feel bunches of knots from about the root to the middle of my hair and it feels how I expected a dread to feel. Just looking and not touching the top of my head looks like a fuzzy mess. I <3 it! I cant wait until I have "real" dreads. Oh and one more story! My husbands friend out of the blue said "I want dreadlocks" at a BBQ a few days ago. My husband got very excited and told him about my hair... then he got less interested. lol. I bet he would look cool with them though. anyway, PEACE! <3

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OOoO Shower! ;)

By Amanda12, 2012-07-05

I never even knew dreadlocks were an option for me. I thought brushing your hair was like brushing your teeth. BUT DUH no harm can come from never brushing my hair. I live in Maine and I have NEVER seen ANYONE with dreadlocks in person. Not one(except the one black guy I know who had a halloween wig 3 years ago)! is that weird? How often do you see dreadlocks where you live?

I feel like my hair is dreading fast! I like it! :D My hair looks totally normal and I think its because its so long that at this point it just looks like... A LOT of hair nobody notices that its a "tangled mess" lol. I should post a picture but I just took a shower so its wet... ooo wet then dry pics! boooya!

You know before this I pretty much only brushed my hair before I showered and thats only about 3-4 times a month. I swear Im not gross I just spot clean,lol, in live in a fairly cold and sweat free area.

ahh rambling... I havent told anyone about my hair besides my husband. Im gunna see how long it takes people to notice.

HEY! It was my 21st birthday yesterday. I got very drunk... but hey thats what youre sposta do! everyone left my party before 10pm (when the alcohol ran out) I guess my friend suck! But whatever! I had fun and my husband had to get up at 5:30am to go to work for 10 hours so I guess it worked out great for him.

After years of being told I was a "hippy" I think I might actually agree.I dont know if hippy is the right word but I am like a hippy in many ways I guess. What stereotype do you Identify with?

ehh I guess ill stop rambling now ;) have a nice day everyone! <3

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23 dwob (days without brush)

By Amanda12, 2012-07-03

Lint! Sometimes I feel like all of my knots revolve around a piece of lint. Under my black light, specs everywhere. How to I get the lint out? Does it matter if I just leave it there? How do I prevent it?

Its not dreads yet... when my long hair falls out it gets wrapped around everyone and everything (in the clean dishes, around a 6 month old hand, in food...) I dont know wtf to do!

Congos! The bottom quarter of my head would very much like to be one dread. NO! Its not too hard to separate IF I do it 2-3 times a day. If I wait 2 days it takes forever and hurts! what can I do to keep it sectioned and keep it dreading?

and last but not least important topic SHRINKAGE! Ohh yeah I have an intense dread forming on the back of my neck its thick and about 2/3 the length of the rest of my hair.

I throw my hair up over the top of my pillow so not only is that forming dreads in back(dread in front kinda hair) but Im not all tangled up all night! lol

and on a non dreaded note I lost Cecilias(6mos.) paci 2 days ago... we will survive! Im so over the paci and so is she.
and on another non dreaded note TOMORROW I TURN 21! WOOT PARTY!

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11 days with out a brush.

By Amanda12, 2012-06-21

forehead and neck are accumulating knots. The rest of my head might as well have been brushed yesterday :/ I dont mind. I have 2 "baby dreads" and one piece that has no knots but is on its own and staying sectioned. I think its because I used to french braid all the time and Im excited because if they dread in the form that I braid then I can continue to braid like I always have :D

A little more about me.

I have never Dyed my hair

I have no piercings (never have)

No tattoos

I havnt cut my hair in in 8 years

My daughters "Elathia" and "Cecilia" are cloth diapered :D

I am addicted to google and youtube... and maybe even facebook. Oh and Ravelry, and dreadlockssite :/ (okay the internet) AHH PINTREST! <3

I was born on July 4th ;) AND Im an American which makes my birthday cool.

I dont do much about how I look I feel strange about all of the crazy things that people do to look "good". I had never even considered dreads until like June 8th and I stopped brushing the 10th. I wonder, now, why I brushed my hair for so long. It doesnt fit in with who I am and what I believe. It makes so little since to me that I dont think I will ever brush my hair again. But we will see. :)

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