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23 dwob (days without brush)

user image 2012-07-03
By: Amanda12
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Lint! Sometimes I feel like all of my knots revolve around a piece of lint. Under my black light, specs everywhere. How to I get the lint out? Does it matter if I just leave it there? How do I prevent it?

Its not dreads yet... when my long hair falls out it gets wrapped around everyone and everything (in the clean dishes, around a 6 month old hand, in food...) I dont know wtf to do!

Congos! The bottom quarter of my head would very much like to be one dread. NO! Its not too hard to separate IF I do it 2-3 times a day. If I wait 2 days it takes forever and hurts! what can I do to keep it sectioned and keep it dreading?

and last but not least important topic SHRINKAGE! Ohh yeah I have an intense dread forming on the back of my neck its thick and about 2/3 the length of the rest of my hair.

I throw my hair up over the top of my pillow so not only is that forming dreads in back(dread in front kinda hair) but Im not all tangled up all night! lol

and on a non dreaded note I lost Cecilias(6mos.) paci 2 days ago... we will survive! Im so over the paci and so is she.
and on another non dreaded note TOMORROW I TURN 21! WOOT PARTY!

07/07/12 10:58:44AM @ixchel:

I think SE said his bar helped get tons of lint out, i'm not sure if the liquid would work the same but either may be worth a shot?

My hair gets all over everything too. Baby hands, toddler hands, food (omgosh i feel like such a hog my hair gets in my face while eating wayyyy too much!) all of it! Sometimes I just use a headband or tam but I want to leave it loose as much as I can, even if it gets a bit annoying (er messy) at times.

Try to use some beads or wraps to keep some dreads from eating up their neighbors.

Show off your shrinkage! It'll happen, & some ppl get a LOT of it

I had read somewhere that 6-9 months is the age where it's easiest to get rid of a paci anyways so better now than later! Our first we got rid of it around 6 months, she didn't use it too much anyways so she didn't seem to care or notice. (Cecillias is a beautiful name btw. ) Our second babe has never used one, she loves her thumb tho....that may be a battle someday...

Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy it ;)

07/07/12 10:41:15AM @knotlady:

i used to have long hair like that! not quite as long but almost. and be glad you never cut it( read another one of your posts). my hair is still long by everyone elses standards (to the middle of my back) but to me its short. also glad to see you went neglect. i did tnr and i have to say that i am happy with the ones that stayed in but i also enjoy the ones that came unravelled and are redreading themselves! i read that your husband likes your hair and i can relate because mine likes my hair too. he would get this silly grin whenever he looked at them when i did them. Woohoo on the paci thing. i have a 17 month old and i tried giving her one when she was tiny but she never liked it but i have friends with kids the same age as mine and they are struggling with the paci removal!

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