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user image 2012-07-08
By: Amanda12
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The other day I told about never seeing dreads... well I drove by someone with them 2 towns away from where I live.
In other dreadlock news; yesterday I went to a family reunion and my cousin loved my hair... she didnt notice the knots. She was saying how much she liked my long hair and asked how long it takes to brush it (like I time myself! lol) I said "no time at all" and she said "atleast you dont have dreadlocks!" and the hole family went on to complain about dreadlocks and how terrible that would be. I just smiled and thought YOU WILL SEE! I WILL LOOK BEAUTIFUL! ;)
I honestly dont care what people think anymore.
So it obviously dosnt look like I have dreads but when I feel my head I feel bunches of knots from about the root to the middle of my hair and it feels how I expected a dread to feel. Just looking and not touching the top of my head looks like a fuzzy mess. I <3 it! I cant wait until I have "real" dreads. Oh and one more story! My husbands friend out of the blue said "I want dreadlocks" at a BBQ a few days ago. My husband got very excited and told him about my hair... then he got less interested. lol. I bet he would look cool with them though. anyway, PEACE! <3

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