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11 days with out a brush.

user image 2012-06-21
By: Amanda12
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forehead and neck are accumulating knots. The rest of my head might as well have been brushed yesterday :/ I dont mind. I have 2 "baby dreads" and one piece that has no knots but is on its own and staying sectioned. I think its because I used to french braid all the time and Im excited because if they dread in the form that I braid then I can continue to braid like I always have :D

A little more about me.

I have never Dyed my hair

I have no piercings (never have)

No tattoos

I havnt cut my hair in in 8 years

My daughters "Elathia" and "Cecilia" are cloth diapered :D

I am addicted to google and youtube... and maybe even facebook. Oh and Ravelry, and dreadlockssite :/ (okay the internet) AHH PINTREST! <3

I was born on July 4th ;) AND Im an American which makes my birthday cool.

I dont do much about how I look I feel strange about all of the crazy things that people do to look "good". I had never even considered dreads until like June 8th and I stopped brushing the 10th. I wonder, now, why I brushed my hair for so long. It doesnt fit in with who I am and what I believe. It makes so little since to me that I dont think I will ever brush my hair again. But we will see. :)

Tara C
06/21/12 02:08:10PM @tara-c:

Yeah, I'm addicted to the Internet too, I understand that perfectly. Glad you've decided to dread though, hope you enjoy it all :)

06/21/12 10:41:58AM @amanda12:

I noticed a typo :/ Lets see if you do!

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