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OOoO Shower! ;)

user image 2012-07-05
By: Amanda12
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I never even knew dreadlocks were an option for me. I thought brushing your hair was like brushing your teeth. BUT DUH no harm can come from never brushing my hair. I live in Maine and I have NEVER seen ANYONE with dreadlocks in person. Not one(except the one black guy I know who had a halloween wig 3 years ago)! is that weird? How often do you see dreadlocks where you live?

I feel like my hair is dreading fast! I like it! :D My hair looks totally normal and I think its because its so long that at this point it just looks like... A LOT of hair nobody notices that its a "tangled mess" lol. I should post a picture but I just took a shower so its wet... ooo wet then dry pics! boooya!

You know before this I pretty much only brushed my hair before I showered and thats only about 3-4 times a month. I swear Im not gross I just spot clean,lol, in live in a fairly cold and sweat free area.

ahh rambling... I havent told anyone about my hair besides my husband. Im gunna see how long it takes people to notice.

HEY! It was my 21st birthday yesterday. I got very drunk... but hey thats what youre sposta do! everyone left my party before 10pm (when the alcohol ran out) I guess my friend suck! But whatever! I had fun and my husband had to get up at 5:30am to go to work for 10 hours so I guess it worked out great for him.

After years of being told I was a "hippy" I think I might actually agree.I dont know if hippy is the right word but I am like a hippy in many ways I guess. What stereotype do you Identify with?

ehh I guess ill stop rambling now ;) have a nice day everyone! <3

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