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time does fly.

user image 2012-09-06
By: Amanda12
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Almost 3 months ago i set my bush free. I cant believe its been so long. I have made SO much more progress than I ever imagined. My Grandma... well honestly most of my family thinks I' ve lost my mind for good this time. But they still think that about the cloth diapers I've been using for the past two years. Lol.OMG I didnt tell you about the man I saw the other day. My mom and I (and our four kids under 4, in the back) were driving though downtown. I saw this man around my age with blonde hair and natural (and Im asuming under a year old) dreads. I waved and pointed and made a big deal.About half an hour later in Wal*Mart I saw him! I could help but look at him the entire time he walked by (you almost never see dreadlocks in Maine). He looked at me like he was descusted. I know my hair isnt dreadlocks to most people but I figured he had natural dreads he could surely tell I did too. NOT! I forgot that I had a thick headband on and my hair up to lessen the blow for my mother.Now he thinks I was either checking him out with 2 kids and a wedding ring or that I judged him. :/ oh well.Oh yeah, one last thing. DANDRUFF, ewwww. My head itched so So bad! I added litterally a drop of head and sholders to my bs and water. It stopped the flake and itch before I even got out of the shower. That was 6 days ago and I'm still itch free :)
Alyssa Metzger
09/12/12 08:20:17PM @alyssa-metzger:
I'm a month into my natural dreading journey. I have 4 dreads right now at the nape of my neck. I am also a mother who cloth diapers!! I'm so very excited about this experience. I enjoyed reading your story. When I see someone with dreads in public I want to run over and say I'm growing dreads too!! It's crazy how exciting this all is...

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