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Location: Clewiston, FL
Zipcode: 33440
Country: US


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Throughout the years I have pondered reality. Abused my body and soul,but now... Now I know my path is to be pure. Clarification of mind. I meditate seeking enlightenment and my efforts have been rewarded. I have seen the eye of God. The energy of the universe lay within us all. Now I must go deeper Searching my own mind. The things I see are truly amazing. Spheres of light fly across the sky. Energy pulsing along the beat of my heart in the form of lightning. The blue light overwhelms the senses. Engulfing the body until the aura shines. A white light became my world, then morphing into an eternal tunnel. I begin to fly. Deeper I go into the wormhole of rainbow light. Alas the blue star. I have arrived. Then I see a pyramid. Purple it glowed as energy pulsed from its core. Rays of light shine from its magnetic force. Encoded with knowledge I must unravel. Back to the blue light which helps me travel. I return to this realm with peace of mind. For I know what I saw was truly divine!


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3 years 3 months

By Vates, 2013-09-01

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By Vates, 2013-09-01

Has anyone been verbally attacked due to their locks? A couple weeks ago I had an older man start screaming at me telling me that I was trying to steal rasta culture. I found his ignorance to be rather sad.I asked him if he ever heard of the druids? He replied no but it is my understanding many celtic cultures had dreadlocks. Therefore it is as much my culture as any rasta. He went on to say that is all the white man does. Steal others cultures. Then started on a rant about native americans. I told him my wife is inuit and smiled and laughed and walked away. I'm just wondering if anyone eles has had such things happen to them?

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Death it lingers there, a shadow who's chill is in the air. A time for two but yet I'm one. Why does my world always get spun. I'm sitting down but I feel as though I'm hanging. For me its always banging, throbbing in the back of my mind reality is so hard to find. At least to me the world is clear I never fear death no matter the time of year,but to get the point across ... maybe there is no point. Lost you will never see the light. The lines are gray, mans world divided. To find peace you must stop being sided. Realization of one brings power, together we are guided. We must start now before time is up. The limit is approaching decention a scheduled path. We are all waiting, patient little drones they keep you distracted. I just hope for your sakes when death walks around that corner you meet him with grace and do not feel your life was a total waste.
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Peace be with you

By Vates, 2010-10-18
this is just a rap I'm workin on out of bordum lol

I'm here to preach peace but dont take it for granted homie ... you back an animal into a corner and it will react.

I'm never afraid to bite back, for I am an animal.

Its what resides in the blood trough my vains.

I'm a little insane, life of eternal knowledge be blesseded
searching for light I chase the ach arch of the covinate.

lookin for gold but covite it not.

the answers are there.

easy to see.

if youd just stop being so fuckin blind.

open your third eye to see.

the world lies and fills you with pain but the answers inside and there they remain.

the futcher looks bleek but my faith eternal.

for this day another shall come.

tommrow holds yet another key.

search your mind let your soul be free.

answers are there gifted form the gods the wisdom to share.

you just lack the insight but the motivation flows on.

for the cursed and the retched shall remain.

they build there lives in sorrow yet they hold it highly in vain.

sticking like glue in this social game the wealth they worship but true wealth is not material.

its metaphysical spritual and lyrical.

we have the power to change and change we must .

love its in my sight clear to me and the ability to be and let be.

dont enforce and shove hate down my throat.

for the noose you create shall never choke.

my necks to strong my head hard like steal I find my own path my own appeal.

for life to me its not simply put but for its complexities its all in your mind just absorb it all and it will get better trough time.

be like water forever flowing strong peace be with you
and maybe next time you can try to sing along .
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Original T-Shirts

By Vates, 2010-08-26
Check it out T-Shirts I designed these myself.
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Still pondering existence

By Vates, 2010-08-10
I sat and pondered the very existence of me, of the world,and the universe since I can remember. Still the answers are unclear all the riddles a bit fuzzy. Not because of a lack of since or a lack of self awareness. I feel strong in who I am and the science makes perfect since to me. The problem lie with the placement of me in life. I feel aware but alone in my awareness. I'm told that I am out of the box and my mind is far gone but my grasp on reality though different it feels firm. It feels right so why am I wrong for thinking different wasn't it different thinking that sparked all of mans innovations. Perhaps I should except that lifes riddles may never be solved.... but no that idea just seems to wrong I'm not so weak. Curiosity is simply my nature. I have a need to know why and what we are. Its the same need that has pushed so much of humans knowledge, but why isn't it more common around me. Why does everyone seem blind. Am I supposed to awaken them? Some times it seems like we are all apart of an elaborate system. Designed to hide the truth of what life is to keep its mysterious just out of reach. A constant stream of distractions are pumped into our homes by the second. Man no longer has morality for it seems morals where simply a limiting aspect. Instead now we have laws. A cage if we do not follow them. We as a people have lost touch in what we are so badly that this is what its come to. The system is now its own entity. A god if you will, and like a god the system has power over man. Complete control. It exist beyond any one man, and only a select few have the ability to affect it. Basically what I'm getting at with this statement is that the system has gotten to far out of reach. It no longer is for the people, but instead rules the people. As time depicts the creation will always destroy its creator. We have designed our own prison our own demise shall we sit and and allow it to take hold. The time grows nearer daily. It wont be long I fear before its to late. Man shalt take heed for the system will control. Freedom, our inner animals for thats all we are.... gone taken by the idea that grew to large. ~Vates~
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