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user image 2013-09-01
By: Vates
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Has anyone been verbally attacked due to their locks? A couple weeks ago I had an older man start screaming at me telling me that I was trying to steal rasta culture. I found his ignorance to be rather sad.I asked him if he ever heard of the druids? He replied no but it is my understanding many celtic cultures had dreadlocks. Therefore it is as much my culture as any rasta. He went on to say that is all the white man does. Steal others cultures. Then started on a rant about native americans. I told him my wife is inuit and smiled and laughed and walked away. I'm just wondering if anyone eles has had such things happen to them?

Larra Juab
09/02/13 10:01:23AM @larra-juab:

Oh my ! That's a really unfortunate happening :( But Thank Heavens you've gone through it very well. And I have experience discrimination and insults too. Some people call me silly, and some people say I look really dirty and stuffs. Even my dad told me once that I should just go live in the mountains and many insulting words. In school too, some people are disgusted by the messiness of my dreads. Some friends also told me that I look like I haven't had a shower for more than a year. But yeah - thank heavens for their insults, I have came to be stronger and love my dreads more. And it made me know who are the the people who are really honest to me :D

Laura Earle
09/01/13 02:05:04PM @laura-earle:

:o Oh man, that could have gotten bad. Kudos for handling it the way you did. I've never gotten into any scary confrontations like that, but I do get the stupid, passive-aggressive, i-wanna-tell-her-how-ugly-her-hair-is-but-i-don't-have-the-balls comments all the time.

"Are you really doing...that? your hair"

[No, my hair is a figment of your imagination]

"When are you cutting them off?"

[That's an awfully random question -- when are YOU cutting YOUR hair off?]


Baba Fats
09/01/13 07:58:44AM @baba-fats:

I haven't had this happen to me, but it's not uncommon for everyone to get a reaction like that once in a long while. I live in a very dreadlock-filled area. White people and black people alike. So everyone seems to just expect it. But that isn't the same for everyone.

You handled it well. Don't get upset. And whatever you do, don't get aggressive or confrontational. That will only make the situation worse. If they want to rant, it's most likely they are having a bad day/week/month, etc... They are probably only taking it out on you because you happened to be there, not because they really care about your locks all that much

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