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Random thoughts on this day of December the 1st,2010

user image 2010-12-01
By: Vates
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Death it lingers there, a shadow who's chill is in the air. A time for two but yet I'm one. Why does my world always get spun. I'm sitting down but I feel as though I'm hanging. For me its always banging, throbbing in the back of my mind reality is so hard to find. At least to me the world is clear I never fear death no matter the time of year,but to get the point across ... maybe there is no point. Lost you will never see the light. The lines are gray, mans world divided. To find peace you must stop being sided. Realization of one brings power, together we are guided. We must start now before time is up. The limit is approaching decention a scheduled path. We are all waiting, patient little drones they keep you distracted. I just hope for your sakes when death walks around that corner you meet him with grace and do not feel your life was a total waste.
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