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Purification of mind,body,soul (Meditation Experience)

user image 2013-09-02
By: Vates
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Throughout the years I have pondered reality. Abused my body and soul,but now... Now I know my path is to be pure. Clarification of mind. I meditate seeking enlightenment and my efforts have been rewarded. I have seen the eye of God. The energy of the universe lay within us all. Now I must go deeper Searching my own mind. The things I see are truly amazing. Spheres of light fly across the sky. Energy pulsing along the beat of my heart in the form of lightning. The blue light overwhelms the senses. Engulfing the body until the aura shines. A white light became my world, then morphing into an eternal tunnel. I begin to fly. Deeper I go into the wormhole of rainbow light. Alas the blue star. I have arrived. Then I see a pyramid. Purple it glowed as energy pulsed from its core. Rays of light shine from its magnetic force. Encoded with knowledge I must unravel. Back to the blue light which helps me travel. I return to this realm with peace of mind. For I know what I saw was truly divine!


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