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Still pondering existence

user image 2010-08-10
By: Vates
Posted in:
I sat and pondered the very existence of me, of the world,and the universe since I can remember. Still the answers are unclear all the riddles a bit fuzzy. Not because of a lack of since or a lack of self awareness. I feel strong in who I am and the science makes perfect since to me. The problem lie with the placement of me in life. I feel aware but alone in my awareness. I'm told that I am out of the box and my mind is far gone but my grasp on reality though different it feels firm. It feels right so why am I wrong for thinking different wasn't it different thinking that sparked all of mans innovations. Perhaps I should except that lifes riddles may never be solved.... but no that idea just seems to wrong I'm not so weak. Curiosity is simply my nature. I have a need to know why and what we are. Its the same need that has pushed so much of humans knowledge, but why isn't it more common around me. Why does everyone seem blind. Am I supposed to awaken them? Some times it seems like we are all apart of an elaborate system. Designed to hide the truth of what life is to keep its mysterious just out of reach. A constant stream of distractions are pumped into our homes by the second. Man no longer has morality for it seems morals where simply a limiting aspect. Instead now we have laws. A cage if we do not follow them. We as a people have lost touch in what we are so badly that this is what its come to. The system is now its own entity. A god if you will, and like a god the system has power over man. Complete control. It exist beyond any one man, and only a select few have the ability to affect it. Basically what I'm getting at with this statement is that the system has gotten to far out of reach. It no longer is for the people, but instead rules the people. As time depicts the creation will always destroy its creator. We have designed our own prison our own demise shall we sit and and allow it to take hold. The time grows nearer daily. It wont be long I fear before its to late. Man shalt take heed for the system will control. Freedom, our inner animals for thats all we are.... gone taken by the idea that grew to large. ~Vates~
10/10/10 07:22:31PM @jdwood:
We are all domesticated it is simple as that... artificial selection. Look at the animals we raise, our ancestor selected the more docile ones and the ones that meet the criteria that was needed, the same goes with our species, just look at the Milgram experiment conducted by Stanley Milgram in 1961.

09/08/10 11:00:46AM @vates:
man ... I almost dont know what to say bro .. I mean really I posted my q simply to see if others felt the way that I do and you sir have answered me poetically I couldn't have ever said it better myself sir. I believe in balance. I'm neutral not good or evil just a man, a citizen of earth. I speak wisdom when I feel the person is ready for it. Its pointless to babble on at death ears.

meg ☮
09/08/10 07:59:28AM @meg:
Jordan summed it up perfectly: "Existince is infinite and everything exists. If you can imagine it, it exists and can be experienced. The only thing you can not imagine is not existing therefore it doesn't exist."This! Exactly this!

Jordan Skwarek
08/11/10 12:12:07AM @jordan-skwarek:
Don't worry dude I honestly believe positive will trump Negative. I believe the seemingly increasing negativity will crash, so to speak. If you ever wonder if your alone in the Universe don't worry, you're not. I honestly believe we are all the original creator of our existince. We simply believe we are the only one making the decesions but the truth is, whatever change is made in you, is made everywhere else perfectly. God Dreaming inside himself in infinite perspectives. Existince is infinite and everything exists. If you can imagine it, it exists and can be experienced. The only thing you can not imagine is not existing therefore it doesn't exist. We dream for a reason, to remind us of who we are.

08/10/10 08:27:58PM @vates:
well i suppose yes it could get to that point some day although that was not part of my initial thoughts when i wrote this

Gary Charlesworth
08/10/10 01:41:51PM @gary-charlesworth:
what... like skynet in Terminator?

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