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Peace be with you

user image 2010-10-18
By: Vates
Posted in:
this is just a rap I'm workin on out of bordum lol

I'm here to preach peace but dont take it for granted homie ... you back an animal into a corner and it will react.

I'm never afraid to bite back, for I am an animal.

Its what resides in the blood trough my vains.

I'm a little insane, life of eternal knowledge be blesseded
searching for light I chase the ach arch of the covinate.

lookin for gold but covite it not.

the answers are there.

easy to see.

if youd just stop being so fuckin blind.

open your third eye to see.

the world lies and fills you with pain but the answers inside and there they remain.

the futcher looks bleek but my faith eternal.

for this day another shall come.

tommrow holds yet another key.

search your mind let your soul be free.

answers are there gifted form the gods the wisdom to share.

you just lack the insight but the motivation flows on.

for the cursed and the retched shall remain.

they build there lives in sorrow yet they hold it highly in vain.

sticking like glue in this social game the wealth they worship but true wealth is not material.

its metaphysical spritual and lyrical.

we have the power to change and change we must .

love its in my sight clear to me and the ability to be and let be.

dont enforce and shove hate down my throat.

for the noose you create shall never choke.

my necks to strong my head hard like steal I find my own path my own appeal.

for life to me its not simply put but for its complexities its all in your mind just absorb it all and it will get better trough time.

be like water forever flowing strong peace be with you
and maybe next time you can try to sing along .
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