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Trina Sandress
Trina Sandress


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When I Was Young

By Trina Sandress, 2011-07-12

When I was a little girl in this big world I didn't believe everything my parents or other grown-ups told me.

My mom told me I had the type of hair that just doesn't grow. And praised my brother for his thick coarse hair and how much faster his hair grew than mine and how much longer his hair was as compared to mine.

But then I questioned her about her assumptions. How could she say such things when every time she would comb my hair yanking at it I would see tons of hair in the comb. To question her would be considered talking back and that just was not allowed in our household. She was right and that was the end of the discussion.

I observed a lot of contradictions as a child. I didn't talk much so I was always considered the shy girl. I just noticed that many people especially adults would say one thing and then do the other. I knew even at a young age that there is so much more than meets the eye going on.

Unfortunately I didn't have anyone at the time to talk with about these observations. I just wrote about this kind of stuff in my journals because I knew in my mind that noone I knew would be interested,or would think that I was crazy.

I saw each year bring about more and more contradictions but trying to be put across in a much more sophisticated way. You can't polish a turd and tell me things aren't as they seem!

My point of this blog is that I like to judge for myself and not take someone's word for how reality is or for how my reality is suppose to be. A lot of the women in my family are obese and one has diabetes but it doesn't mean that I am doomed to live that same fate just because I was born into this family. I think it is lifestyle choices. These lifestyle choices have an energy surrounding it that I can resonate with or decide not to.

It is a hard concept for some to see but it is my observation only.

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The Longing for Long Dreads

By Trina Sandress, 2010-11-25

A lot of people talk about how they wish their dreadlocks were long and can't wait until they get long. I thi nk that if these people would focus more on having healthy locks before they know it they have long locks. Just revel in the naturalness of having dreads in general. That is positive energy at work. My lock process started with a twa(teeny weeny afro)and just enjoying my head being free of chemicals and other toxic substances. As I began to truly love myself more and more my locks absorbed this love and became long very fast.
Putting healthy foods and drinks into my body has helped tremendously. I have increased the amount of raw fruits and vegetables in my diet and all of the vitamins and minerals were vital and still are to helping maintain a healthy head of locks.

Just my two cents worth from growing my locks for 13yrs now.

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Freeform Dreadlocks 15 yr. Anniversary

By Trina Sandress, 2012-07-09

Today marks the 15th year of the journey into being a freeform dreadie. I still believe that I will have my locks for as long as I live. I have noticed that I still get the dirty looks and outright rude comments. It all just makes me stronger because the people who act in this manner still have many areas of their life that they are unhappy with and instead of focusing on better themselves they have distractions to keep them from growing to be a better soul on this planet.

I have learned to seperate myself from such individuals and to live my life being as authentic as I can.

Be true to yourself. Let no one tell you which path to walk on!

Brightest Blessings To You All

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Love Yourself Love Mother Earth

By Trina Sandress, 2010-12-26

I hope that everyone is feeling positive and joyful after the holiday hustle and bustle! This time of the year can bring up a lot of darkness. The winter, to me, is a very contemplative time. The rain slows things down and keeps one mesmerized by thoughts of would haves,should haves,and could haves.

What I have found to be helpful is to find a creative outlet to express your feelings. Grab a paintbrush,some paint and a canvas and just go for it.Forget about trying to be the next Thomas Kincade or for that matter Mattisse. It unloads a lot of negative energy in a positive way and the only person that has to see is you!

I believe that we are creative beings first and foremost and should express ourselves in this way no matter what medium we decide to utilize. Those negative emotions get trapped and when the energy isn't flowing you can feel stuck and totally depressed.

Getting outside and connecting with nature always helps. I can get really comfortable in my warm home with the fire blazing the fire place and sometimes forget about the Mother. Mother nature is always calling me. From the hummingbirds coming to the feeder I provide for them. To the crazy songs of the Mockingbirds. It gets me centered,grounded and focused on what is really important in life. Life is not just about surviving,to me, it is about living.

Watch the animals in your neighborhood and see how they enjoy nature. Remember we are animals too and are no better or less than they.

Warm Regards,

Trina :0)

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Dreadlocks and Patience

By Trina Sandress, 2011-03-17

It is funny to me how when I was young I really wanted my hair to look like the commercial straight hair that you can run fingers through . The kind of hair that blows in the breeze. Long shiny healthy hair.The commercials presented before me the product that would solve all of my kinky,coily,unruly hair problems.

Now I have the long,shiny,healthy hair that the wind blows through but it is is tightly coiled because of my African roots and genetics. This did not happen overnight! It started to happen slowly. Like a transition in a diet. Taking out things that don't serve my growth.

I grew more and more patient with myself and others around me as my shaved head turned into a twa(teeny weeny afro) and my twa turned into big afro and then my big afro turned into baby locks and so and so forth.

Through this experience I was judged harshly but I kept loving myself and let those who continued to judge me continue to hate themselves. All through the patience of letting go I discovered that those who judge you are first and foremost judging themselves. They have a lack of love for themselves so I decided not to take to heart negative words regarding my hair because I am living in a world of self acceptance and I am not interested in go back to the days of low self esteem and confusion on who I am or who I wish to become.

Until I became patient with myself I was not able to experience a peace within my soul. The judgements were way more to live up that is when I realized that I cannot live my life according to others expectations of what I should look like,how I should talk,the way I should dress etc...

Whoever decides to read this blog I hope you helps you with your dread journey and your life journey! We are all on a very unique path and judgement will get you stuck in one section of the path. When I put into practice to have patience with myself then is when life becomes mainly about being myself and feeling free to be who I know within my heart and soul who I truly am.

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Dreadlocks Blog

By Trina Sandress, 2011-04-01

I have a dreadlock blog that I would like to share with you all. There is only one blog entry that is short but I will be adding more lengthy ones talking about the beginning of my dread journey and my experiences with having dreadlocks for almost 14yrs. I will be sharing what I learned and what has worked for me. It basically boils down to being patient enjoying the journey.

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Apology From The Heart

By Trina Sandress, 2012-10-07

Hello Everyone,

I took some time out to make a couple of videos apologizing to a beautiful soul that I wanted to say sorry for saying hurt things,and trying to control what decisions this person was making for that person's life path. Changes can be a challenging lesson. I know that I have to walk through my fears and face my challenges. I hope truly that this wonderful person will forgive me.

I had a perception of how things were and then everything changed within an instant. It through me off balance and I reacted in a way that I am really not proud of. I hope this person reads this or watches my videos because I really truly and honestly feel sorry.

I have decided to just allow this person to have their space and if that person is ever interested they can feel free to contact me anytime. Because I really do want to be friends. I would not want to miss the chance to have another good friend.

I decided to share these videos because hopefully someone can relate to what I am talking about and going through and learn from it. I have learned a tremendous amount this year thus far and I am happy that I even was lucky enough to meet such an awesome person. I have no right will I ever have the right to tell anyone how to live their life because what works for me may not work for others.

I am taking time to declutter my house and organize my life more and it is helping me to see the world the way it really is. I am living in the moment of now. Right now, I am sorry for the things I have said. The words are out and I know better than to just spout out words out of anger and sadness to someone especially when this person has been nothing but supportive of me and my art and my life.

I never wanted to disrespect this person. And I think I crossed the line. I am going to hope and wish for the best for this person and their family and bless them all because they are beautiful people living their lives as best they can.

This Fall Season for me is a time for deep reflection and very important insights. It is truly very important to take of care of yourself and make yourself healthy so that you can be a healthy person for friends and family. And I am not talking just about food and nutrition and exercise. I am also referring to the mind. Being mindful of you say and do and how it affects others is a healthier way of living. Ranting and raving about something that I can not control is going to make things worse for everyone involved.

I am feeling much more peace within my mind,body and soul for admitting these things to myself. I believe that this is the only way that I can move forward and create positive changes in my world.

I am living life the best that I can and I will learn from my mistakes so that I will not repeat this in the future.

This person is awesome,wonderful,talented, and amazing! And I now can say that I am truly and completely glad that I met this person because if I hadn't I may not have learned this important lesson.

Insights that I am having are helping me to understand fully.

I will always and truly be available for friendship if this person is interested.

Peace and Love to you all, Be kind and patient with yoursef so that you can be kindand patient to others as well.

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Free Form Dreadlock Reality

By Trina Sandress, 2014-05-23

Hello All,

It has been quite a while since I have came here. My life has been very busy and creative. Some ups and downs and that is life. I have been making these fabric beads that are made from recycled fabrics and many different thread colors. I thought I would share this for those who enjoy adorning their dreadlocks. And for those who do not want to color their hair but want color on them. I have also made a series of videos on how to make them as well.

I still walk through the world with people looking at me like I am an alien and I still get the rude comments. All of this makes me stronger and more convinced that being an individual and expressing myself how I want to is my prime reason for being on this earth. I hope that you all feel free to just be your self. And get outside and enjoy mother nature.

I also have some videos on how to make paper beads. I am so pro recycling. So please feel free to check out my youtube page. You can find me on youtube under the name Trina Sandress. I also have some videos based on question people have asked me about how to care for their dreadlocks.

You can find my art creations at

If any of you have any questions about their dreadlocks please let me know and I can turn it into a video. P1400625.JPG P1400633.JPG

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