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Trina Sandress
Trina Sandress


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The Cricket Who Traveled From Far Away

By: Trina Sandress
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Last week me and my family went camping at Peninsula Campground. Nothing like camping a few steps away from the Folsom Lake.

By day we swam in the river, walked around taking photos of lizards and weird looking bugs.

By night we listened to sweet rhythmic music of the cricket songs. They were chanting so melodically that it helped to distract my ears from the somewhat annoying sound of the ducks. The ducks made sounds like they were unhappy dogs barking madly.

When we came home from our trip we could here the sound of one lone cricket somewhere in our house.

My husband found it just today hanging out in our cupboard and set the sweet little one free. We can hear chirping happily in its new home.

Oh how I love camping. Please get out and camp some time and try using a tent. Sleeping outside is good for the antennaes on your head. You may get some wildlife trying to send you some healing messages that you can use in your daily life.

09/12/11 01:21:54AM @kathleen:

We are planning a 3 day trip up to Vermont in a couple weeks and we can't wait! It is so beautiful and wild there. I am in deep need of some nature therapy right now ; )

Trina Sandress
09/07/11 10:50:32PM @trina-sandress:

Thank you for your sweet comment Kathleen. I do the same. Whenever I feel mad,dissappointed,sad stepping out into nature clears everything up. Nature is quite magickal in that way! If meditating outside and tuning into the sounds of the birds and all around you can alleviate many dis- eases.

08/27/11 02:12:32PM @kathleen:

Isn't that the truth?! Nature is the greatest teacher of all. Whenever I feel depressed or down I will go for a walk in one of our many open green spaces here in Boston. It does speak to you when you listen. I can reach out and touch the branches of the trees and it is very comforting. I can't even kill an insect anymore. No matter what it is. We have moths that come in our house and I can't even kill them. Now we have little silk worms from the moths. Anyway, I just wanted to comment on here. I loved the way you talk about the healing message nature can give. It's so true :)

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