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Trina Sandress
Trina Sandress


Location: Sacramento, CA
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Freeform Dreadlocks 15 yr. Anniversary

user image 2012-07-09
By: Trina Sandress
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Today marks the 15th year of the journey into being a freeform dreadie. I still believe that I will have my locks for as long as I live. I have noticed that I still get the dirty looks and outright rude comments. It all just makes me stronger because the people who act in this manner still have many areas of their life that they are unhappy with and instead of focusing on better themselves they have distractions to keep them from growing to be a better soul on this planet.

I have learned to seperate myself from such individuals and to live my life being as authentic as I can.

Be true to yourself. Let no one tell you which path to walk on!

Brightest Blessings To You All

Trina Sandress
07/16/12 01:24:58PM @trina-sandress:

@ Dreadtheworld thank you! I bet your dreadies are growing like a tree. I will most definitely keep it going til infinity and beyond! :)

Trina Sandress
07/16/12 01:23:44PM @trina-sandress:

@Valerie Thank you! It is definitely their own insecurities and fear of what they can not comprehend.

07/14/12 06:05:26AM @dreadtheworld:

Very beautiful Trinea, looking and sounding great. we all dreading alone together. my dreads getting longer too. Have'nt been on site for a while. Its been a while. Glad to hear all is well. Keep it rocking.


07/14/12 12:57:04AM @valrie:

Congratulations on your journey! You are so beautiful that I find it hard to imagine people giving dirty looks.... maybe it's more of jealousy than anything? ;)

Goddess bless!

Trina Sandress
07/12/12 02:32:34PM @trina-sandress:

@Qube Goodie Many thanks for your kind and thoughtful compliments. And you demonstrate a boldness and charming prescence of a God or a King.

Brightest Blessings

Trina Sandress
07/12/12 02:29:18PM @trina-sandress:

@MamaKittyLove thank you! And you will. The years go by so fast and my dreads are like my anntenae! They have become a part of me.

Qube Goodie
07/11/12 10:14:00AM @qube-goodie:

Beautiful supreme being you are! your smile your radiant glow your bold inter wishing, I utterly adore you. You are flawless in all aspects. The true definition of a phenomenal woman.


07/09/12 06:07:21PM @mamakittylove:

Beautiful!!!! I can't wait for the day that I can celebrate my 15th year of my journey!! :)

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