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When I Was Young

user image 2011-07-12
By: Trina Sandress
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When I was a little girl in this big world I didn't believe everything my parents or other grown-ups told me.

My mom told me I had the type of hair that just doesn't grow. And praised my brother for his thick coarse hair and how much faster his hair grew than mine and how much longer his hair was as compared to mine.

But then I questioned her about her assumptions. How could she say such things when every time she would comb my hair yanking at it I would see tons of hair in the comb. To question her would be considered talking back and that just was not allowed in our household. She was right and that was the end of the discussion.

I observed a lot of contradictions as a child. I didn't talk much so I was always considered the shy girl. I just noticed that many people especially adults would say one thing and then do the other. I knew even at a young age that there is so much more than meets the eye going on.

Unfortunately I didn't have anyone at the time to talk with about these observations. I just wrote about this kind of stuff in my journals because I knew in my mind that noone I knew would be interested,or would think that I was crazy.

I saw each year bring about more and more contradictions but trying to be put across in a much more sophisticated way. You can't polish a turd and tell me things aren't as they seem!

My point of this blog is that I like to judge for myself and not take someone's word for how reality is or for how my reality is suppose to be. A lot of the women in my family are obese and one has diabetes but it doesn't mean that I am doomed to live that same fate just because I was born into this family. I think it is lifestyle choices. These lifestyle choices have an energy surrounding it that I can resonate with or decide not to.

It is a hard concept for some to see but it is my observation only.

Drew W
07/20/11 06:35:47PM @drew-w:

I wish you best of luck schooling your son, it must be difficult at times, but also very rewarding at others.

I find that alcohol dries me out too and I suffer for it the day after in my joints. I often had to run my hands under warm water to stop them from aching.

I'm glad of where I am in my life too, I wouldn't be me without the experiences I've had. Sometimes you encounter things that you feel strongly about or that you just resonate with, other times you experience a contrast that helps to tell you what you actually want in life, it all adds up to who you are and the decisions you make along your own personal journey.

I have just learned Japanese Reiki this weekend and feel that it is one of those things that I feel strongly about. It is like I have just understood the gifts that were already there that I was trying to understand, but would have taken me a lot longer to figure out for myself.

Keep walking your own path and best of luck on the journey :)

Trina Sandress
07/16/11 04:11:06PM @trina-sandress:

Thank you Drew. I have read a bit about indigo children. I decided not to let my son be a part of the education system so that he can think for himself. He knew intuitively that he wanted to learn independent of an institution. I have supported him in this decision from the time he decided at the so called preschool age that he didn't want to be a part of this mode of learning.

It is very hard to communicate with someone when they are highly intoxicated on alcohol unless you are too. I have cut out alcohol completely because of the adverse affects it had on my body. It dries out my body internally causing extreme dehydration. Causing me severe headache and nausea.

I totally agree with you in regards to personal experiences that we have had to help us learn about ourselves. I believe that I chose to be born in the family that I am in order to be the person that I am. It is definitely all about the path we chose for ourselves and I believe that the choice started before we entered the womb. I know my soul chose the life. I know that I am the architect of my own journey. Yet I am still learning each day how to be the Goddess within.

Thank you for commenting on my blog. It is nice to converse with like-minded beings.

Drew W
07/15/11 05:32:56PM @drew-w:

True enough, I just remember a friend opening up a speach with that phrase and thought it might help bring a smile as it did when he used it.

I watched a film last night called the Indigo Evolution which was pretty interesting. Some of the things in it were about children and the way that the education systems seem to be failing them. They mentioned that the word education comes fromthe Latin Educereand basically means to bring out what is within or to bring out the potential.This goes back to my point about children being taught what to think rather than how to think for themselves. The Latin education was about helping kids to make their mind up for themselves and grow into well rounded adults.

I too witnessed alcoholism and domestic violenece as a kid. My parents divorced and I rarely speak to either of them, although when I do it is usually pretty good. I tend not to speak with my Dad in the evenings because I know that he will have had a drink. As a result I find that I don't rarely drink, unless there is an occassion (party, birthday or Christmas etc). I also avoid drinking in the house because I feel that it is a slippery slope.

It occurs to me that we often have particular experiences in life to help us to learn things about ourselves. It seems to me that you have learned to listen to your own instincts and break away from something that could have consumed you. I wish you the best of luck in your life and on your path :)

Trina Sandress
07/15/11 02:33:44PM @trina-sandress:

It is fortunate that a lot of people don't listen to others and just follow their instincts about what works for them on their path. As a child a witnessed lots of domestic violence,alcoholism, and food addictions right within my own home that was suppose to be a safe haven. Seeing all of this abuse and torture of the soul made me realize at a very young age that this was not a path I wanted to go down because I didn't want to suffer needlessly if I didn't have to.

More and more people are becoming aware at younger ages and not standing for someone trying to dictate how they should live there lives.

If you roll it in glitter it will still stink even though it may look pretty on the outside.

Drew W
07/12/11 05:40:27PM @drew-w:

Some very true words, it is important to carve your own path in life. Unfortunately as we grow up we are often taught what to think, rather than how to think for ourselves. I believe that what you think about and thank about, is what you bring about. It's all about staying positive and deciding about things for yourself.

On a side note: you can't polish a turd, .... but you can roll it in glitter. Some useful advice if you're ever in that kind of situation ;-)

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