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Marissa Victoria


Location: Los Gatos, CA
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Yoga For The Soul

By Marissa Victoria, 2013-06-17

Hello fellow dreadies, yogis, and friends;

I recently got a job at an amazing Yoga studio. I new before I got the job that I wanted to start my Yoga practice more seriously, in hopes to start my teacher training in the next few months. I always new I loved yoga. However, when I took a Yoga class, it was at my college and something about it didn't hit home the way this studio does. I work the FD as of right now, and have met so many amazing people. So many CONSCIOUS people. Who aren't just doing Yoga to become fit but to find oneness with their body and their surroundings.

The studio I work for was founded on the idea of healing for cancer, wellness, and mindfulness. There is a Tea house inside of it that serves organic teas, vegan smoothies, and fresh juices.

I was so surprised I got the phone call back for this job because I literally manifested this into my life practically instantly. I was starting to get so fed up with the unhealthy American, fast food, lifestyle. The unconscious lifestyle most people are living by sitting on their bums watching T.V., stressing over bills and the future.

What I found at the studio, was a confirmation, that I'm on the right track, and that I need to be doing what I'm doing. Not only that, but it reinforces my goal to help people; my ability to love people; my desire to understand and feel compassion for others who are in a place of suffering.

We all have the power to heal. And we all gain something from others.

I realized that mindfulness over ones body, mind, and diet only makes one stronger! And allows one to think clearly, and function OPTIMALLY.

Yoga is my "drug".

It almost brings tears to my eyes when I see seniors coming to yoga classes on oxygen tanks because it shows a persons dedication, hard work and devotion to wellness, and mindfulness with themselves.

All amounting to a better life.

When you realize everything you feel and think is in your control, you can live your dreams.

When you aren't feeling good, catching colds, mood swings, ANYTHING that isn't feeling good,

can be cured through Yoga.

It's for everyone, anytime, anywhere.

Just remember to Breathe...Hear that Breathe; the essential function to your staying alive;

And be one with it.


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Thicker base, skinny ends ; what happens now?

By Marissa Victoria, 2013-04-23

Hey everyone!

So I was seeking advice on the ends of my dreads. They arent as mature as the tops of them, and are also thinner and skinnier. It seems like they all have pretty skinny ends.

What will the ends start to look like as the dread matures? Which seems to be moving from my scalp down?

Do they curl up? or stay really thin, making my dreads when they get mature pointy?!

I'd like to know what to expect, it also looks like strange because when I grab my hair its really thick and the ends just are dinky. :/

I also have some reallly thin dreads, and I just don't know if I should combine them, I seem to have about 33 right now, I don't want congos but I also didn't want to combine them because I don't want to get scalpy. So I'm wondering, if they go as they go and stay skinny, will they eventually get thicker?

I just added some pictures that show it pretty obviously.

I'll also put one in here.

Thank you for your input!


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Hey fellow dreadies!

Ever get to the point where you were ready to do something great with your life and your self but your friends and family were still stuck in the same place, happy for you, but still didn't get it?

I used to be into heavy drinking, cigarettes, careless party nights, and well ate shitty food on top of that. It all changed for me though on a very special day.

That day it was as if I was paralyzed, on my hands and knees, life flashing before my eyes, as what felt like dark matter, rising through each chakra and exiting my body through my mouth. Tears fell from my eyes when I realized I felt a million times lighter and a million times happier.

I realized I was on a self-destructive path, an unconscious path, a selfish path, and even though I have always had the best intentions, I new I could have more integrity, help more people, be more loving, and accept the love that others, even strangers can give to others out of pure good heartedness.

My life changed in an instant. I started becoming more conscious of what my body would tell me, what foods and what drinks IT really wanted and NEEDED. I started realizing that I brought my energy around others who were vibe conscious, health conscious, and most importantly Earth conscious.

This change came from within but also from without, this fate was chosen for me, I know that I manifested it through my experiences I HAD to go through, but there is also another plan for me. for all of us. That experienced pulled me out of a lost unconscious place and put me on my path studying Yoga and Nutrition to help bring others into this conscious lifestyle.

The issue is that, most of the people in the U.S still live this unhealthy, unconscious, self destructive lifestyle that PHYSICALLY makes a person less conscious, less caring, less loving. I also had a group of friends who could be categorized in that area as well.

Some of my friends, the real friends, accept and love me the way I am and are actually slowly awakening more and more every time I see them, becoming more aware of their surroundings and the society they really live in, not just two feet ahead of them. But theres a large portion of the people I thought were my friends, that still want to get blackout drunk and not give a fuck about other people and who don't help others, nor do they care to ever ask how a strangers day is going.

I still remember the amazing reasons I was friends with them in the first place, but that understanding as let me let them go, this is where peoples paths part.

I guess I'm just sad that more people aren't waking up as fast, or that they aren't willing to listen, or physically can't listen to what it is that will wake them. I suppose this is where the karmic path comes in , making everyone have to do specific things before hitting that point.

In my point of view, being awakened has made life absolutely amazing to the nth degree, being aware of how to change any situation, how to make myself happy beyond all situations, being happy and in love without a thing, and loving my home, the Earth, Gaia wherever I am BUT it's also , lead me to really see people in denial, people who can't help themselves even though there is help. Seeing that people put themselves through abusive relationships and situations intentionally, unconsciously. Human species is, not there yet.

This is my battle, to strengthen myself, follow my heart, accomplish my goals, and spread light to those who want it. Those that come across my path; like a web maybe there are only supposed to be particular people to be awake, to bring that knowledge to the others who aren't. To those that are listening. Watching. Peaceful. Loving. Happy. Keeping the love and light alive on Earth;

I thank you brothers&sisters.

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How to maintain my mane a bit for school?

By Marissa Victoria, 2013-02-06

Hey there everyone!!

So, I knew going on the dreadlock journey meant experiencing some not-so-prettyhair days, especially with my hair being thin and light. Along with these messy hair days, I'm sure some funky looks are to be expected my way, knowing that some people just don't understand or agree with expression, or natural lifestyles. I'm also starting school next week, and as strong as i am staying through this beautiful process, I'm sure i'm bound to come accross those critical people, so aside from obviously ignoring it, how can I maintain my hair a bit so that it doesn't cause any attention? Some amazing helpful hairstyle recommendations or something would be super duper helpful on my journey. !!
Advice appreciated!

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knotty yet nice. ;)

By Marissa Victoria, 2013-01-17

Hey there everyone tuned in! (In more ways than one :) )

It's been about 3 and a half weeks since I've decided to take the

dread road. My hair is pretty dry towards the ends due to the bleach process I did a few years ago.

Which is helping the process of course. :)

So far my hair has separated itself into small sections of what look like perfect sized dreads to be.

I'm just hoping they arent TOO thin. But with the looks of things now, I'm hoping to be okay.

I'm doing the natural method, no vinegar or baking soda. Just letting my hair separate and do it's thing.

In a case that a few turn out too thin, any suggestions on how to get them thicker before they matt?

Any and all suggestions accepted and appreciated!


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