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knotty yet nice. ;)

user image 2013-01-17
By: Marissa Victoria
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Hey there everyone tuned in! (In more ways than one :) )

It's been about 3 and a half weeks since I've decided to take the

dread road. My hair is pretty dry towards the ends due to the bleach process I did a few years ago.

Which is helping the process of course. :)

So far my hair has separated itself into small sections of what look like perfect sized dreads to be.

I'm just hoping they arent TOO thin. But with the looks of things now, I'm hoping to be okay.

I'm doing the natural method, no vinegar or baking soda. Just letting my hair separate and do it's thing.

In a case that a few turn out too thin, any suggestions on how to get them thicker before they matt?

Any and all suggestions accepted and appreciated!


Marissa Victoria
01/19/13 09:39:23PM @marissa-victoria:
Thank You for your responses! :)And awesome, I'm gonna let them do their thing, I'll know closer to the time that they start matting if I should combine. So far, the separating is awesome possum. Know, the waiting game. I have forever. <3 lol

01/19/13 08:32:09AM @gingerrose:
Mine is pretty broken and it makes the sections look thinner than they will be when mature. I keep feeling at my scalp and most are almost 1" there, even though the ends are so teeny...

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/17/13 08:09:21PM @soaring-eagle:

they wont be i have 1 this thin-----------

thats actualy 3 even thinner combined

its over 4 feet long theres no too thin

but if u want em thicker dont seperate let em combine

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