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An awakened person among unconscious friends/society who just don't get it. Anyone on the same boat?

user image 2013-04-13
By: Marissa Victoria
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Hey fellow dreadies!

Ever get to the point where you were ready to do something great with your life and your self but your friends and family were still stuck in the same place, happy for you, but still didn't get it?

I used to be into heavy drinking, cigarettes, careless party nights, and well ate shitty food on top of that. It all changed for me though on a very special day.

That day it was as if I was paralyzed, on my hands and knees, life flashing before my eyes, as what felt like dark matter, rising through each chakra and exiting my body through my mouth. Tears fell from my eyes when I realized I felt a million times lighter and a million times happier.

I realized I was on a self-destructive path, an unconscious path, a selfish path, and even though I have always had the best intentions, I new I could have more integrity, help more people, be more loving, and accept the love that others, even strangers can give to others out of pure good heartedness.

My life changed in an instant. I started becoming more conscious of what my body would tell me, what foods and what drinks IT really wanted and NEEDED. I started realizing that I brought my energy around others who were vibe conscious, health conscious, and most importantly Earth conscious.

This change came from within but also from without, this fate was chosen for me, I know that I manifested it through my experiences I HAD to go through, but there is also another plan for me. for all of us. That experienced pulled me out of a lost unconscious place and put me on my path studying Yoga and Nutrition to help bring others into this conscious lifestyle.

The issue is that, most of the people in the U.S still live this unhealthy, unconscious, self destructive lifestyle that PHYSICALLY makes a person less conscious, less caring, less loving. I also had a group of friends who could be categorized in that area as well.

Some of my friends, the real friends, accept and love me the way I am and are actually slowly awakening more and more every time I see them, becoming more aware of their surroundings and the society they really live in, not just two feet ahead of them. But theres a large portion of the people I thought were my friends, that still want to get blackout drunk and not give a fuck about other people and who don't help others, nor do they care to ever ask how a strangers day is going.

I still remember the amazing reasons I was friends with them in the first place, but that understanding as let me let them go, this is where peoples paths part.

I guess I'm just sad that more people aren't waking up as fast, or that they aren't willing to listen, or physically can't listen to what it is that will wake them. I suppose this is where the karmic path comes in , making everyone have to do specific things before hitting that point.

In my point of view, being awakened has made life absolutely amazing to the nth degree, being aware of how to change any situation, how to make myself happy beyond all situations, being happy and in love without a thing, and loving my home, the Earth, Gaia wherever I am BUT it's also , lead me to really see people in denial, people who can't help themselves even though there is help. Seeing that people put themselves through abusive relationships and situations intentionally, unconsciously. Human species is, not there yet.

This is my battle, to strengthen myself, follow my heart, accomplish my goals, and spread light to those who want it. Those that come across my path; like a web maybe there are only supposed to be particular people to be awake, to bring that knowledge to the others who aren't. To those that are listening. Watching. Peaceful. Loving. Happy. Keeping the love and light alive on Earth;

I thank you brothers&sisters.

Marissa Victoria
04/21/13 04:26:35PM @marissa-victoria:

Right?! Well, I try to keep strong and not feel pity because we are where were supposed to be, so if anything we have to just be happy, but also know that others will get there eventually. Atleast we just have to hope, hope is powerful.

Marissa Victoria
04/13/13 07:38:03PM @marissa-victoria:

I just read the page you posted KatieKate and that sounds about right! lol definitley needed to read that and its definitley reassuring. More of a reason why I know this is the right path :D Embracing it for sure!
SpaceQueen I agree! I've been doing my yoga practice more and more and a few other zen arts and when I'm my mind is clear and flowing naturally its amazing.

04/13/13 04:45:30PM @spacequeen:
Wow it's so awesome to see other people are really going through the same things I am :) I have such vivid dreams, random people coming up to me and telling me their whole life story's, thinking of people and then hearing from them and so much more. I definitely think your antennae is picking up the brain waves as you become more awake! I've found I'm more centered and balanced when I have some quiet time in my day for my brain to get a break, yoga has been a nice kind of moving meditation for me lately :)

Marissa Victoria
04/13/13 04:19:01PM @marissa-victoria:

Soaring Eagle, that was beautiful. And spot on. And so sadly true :[ It's painful to read because I know that haze. But it's also AMAZING to read, because I'm NO longer there, and good to know others see it. I wish for everyone to have clarity.

KatieKate, yes! I have premonition dreams a lot, which are very basic, like a bit or peice of the dream will come up the following day in a situation where I remember the dream and think, "woah if I only remembered that whole dream first thing in the morning , maybe just MAYBE, I'd know whats to come. But its sporadic. And I dream of people, whom I've not seen in who knows how long and wierdly the following day surely they would come up in conversation or wierdly, add me on Facebook! ... I also find myself thinkking about people, and then they call me, or text me. Or if I think of them and call or text them first they were on the other end about to do the same thing! Idk, maybe my antennae is picking up those brain waves knowing they are directed towards me... My boyfriend believes I am. He had open heart surgery 2 times and I bring him peace, calmness, mindfulness, when he physically needs that, we all do, but he needs to be calm and peaceful for obvious reasons.

But speaking of attracting random people its true! Just recently I've met a few people at the new college I'm going to; I find that the majority of the conversations are the Why me type thats odd I havent realized that til now..

I dream very vividly every night, I really am open to all messages and so maybe i should start a dream diary or something to pay more attention; however some dreams I think are fillers or just projections from the subconscious; so weeding through the relevant and irrelevant is where the tough comes in :/

Marissa Victoria
04/13/13 03:52:15PM @marissa-victoria:

SpaceQueen, your so right! Keeping the light flowing no matter what. :)

and KatieKate, I have indeed heard of and know of those terms. :] I've always believed I was an indigo child, until that incident happened which could be of the transitional term, which I don't know much about. And the crystal child could also be possible I was born in 91, am 21.

My boyfriend also has a friend who does astral viewing and I guess he took a peak at me and saw wings, which he had never seen before, I guess thats when he started believing in celestial angels. Which freaked me out thinking, uhhh is it possible I could be? ,..I do have reoccuring dreams of flying, since I was liittttttle. But also of breathing under water. Which is weird because my name literally means, of the sea.

I also started light gloving a while before my transition and now I am creating led light circuits. for Hoops and clothing. I guess I was always and meant to be a light worker!!

So idk, these things could have relevance, but nonetheless I've activated my light source

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/13/13 03:41:51PM @soaring-eagle:

you had to hit a low to rech a high for some they have to sink lower and lower till they re absi=olutely desperate to get out of the mess they are in

some..this may take more then 1 lifetime they just re not yet ready to wake up


you are aware wake nd alive

it should not matter what others do around you your bliss is within you shining

that light will help guide others..who are ready to see

but some prefer the blacknes..the blackouts they dont want to remember today cause yesterdys better off forgotten

these are people with dark pasts they cannot it out ..posion themselves over and over to try to get away from the memories..

most.would take thier lives if they were able to

they feel its a wekness to go on not be able to choose to end their darkness forever

but since they cant they turn life into blackness only remembering a few hours a day of foggy hanfgover and puking

some fool themselves into thinking "its fun" to drink and be drunk

they cry and scream curses and push aeway all thier freindsa but still convince themselves its just good fin.

they arent ready to face reality cause they have never seen or experienced reality..only that toxic hazze..that missing days..

they want nothing more then to waste this life they find so useles and painful

if they waste thier life its justification for the feeling that lifes pointless they are worthless and the sooner they get to the end he better

im glad you escaped


04/13/13 03:01:50PM @spacequeen:
Hello marissa, I can totally understand what you're saying. I'd consider myself pretty awakened and my boyfriends and most of my friends are pretty asleep. I talk to him but it just doesn't click. And I've realized it'll just happen when it's meant to. I love talking with people to help them on their path and see the oneness in everything and they pick up bits and pieces. But you're a light source, like a lightening rod and just you being awake will help enlighten people around you :)

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