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Thicker base, skinny ends ; what happens now?

user image 2013-04-23
By: Marissa Victoria
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Hey everyone!

So I was seeking advice on the ends of my dreads. They arent as mature as the tops of them, and are also thinner and skinnier. It seems like they all have pretty skinny ends.

What will the ends start to look like as the dread matures? Which seems to be moving from my scalp down?

Do they curl up? or stay really thin, making my dreads when they get mature pointy?!

I'd like to know what to expect, it also looks like strange because when I grab my hair its really thick and the ends just are dinky. :/

I also have some reallly thin dreads, and I just don't know if I should combine them, I seem to have about 33 right now, I don't want congos but I also didn't want to combine them because I don't want to get scalpy. So I'm wondering, if they go as they go and stay skinny, will they eventually get thicker?

I just added some pictures that show it pretty obviously.

I'll also put one in here.

Thank you for your input!


Marissa Victoria
04/28/13 02:26:48AM @marissa-victoria:

thanks Jesse! what do you mean they will be the bottom "cm" ? And my hair dries pretty quickly just because of how fine it is I think so it wouldn't really matter much for my type of hair. But I am doing the natural process so however they may go will be the way they areeee! :D I'm excited to see the happenings, I just don't know what to expect because everyone isss different, I was kinda hoping someone with finer hair would maybe have an idea. we'll see in due time. :)

the Barrellady
04/27/13 09:19:39PM @the-barrellady:

Forgot to mention about your ends, they will change over time too. Some may blunt, most will probably stay loose at the tips which is desired because it is the dripline for water to run off. Some of mine blunted on their own, kinda wish they did not but that's what they wanted to do, so that's how they stay. No worries for you at all...Peace

jesse demato
04/27/13 09:03:07PM @jesse-demato:
they look awesome. they are going to continue to dread towards the root and the tips will probably shrink dramatically when they loop up.I might be wrong but those long tips well be the bottom cm of your mature dreads.

Sammie Haider
04/24/13 09:02:32PM @sammie-haider:
Better not boxes...

Sammie Haider
04/24/13 09:01:09PM @sammie-haider:
Let them be. I've wondered the same thing about my ends and the start to get sucked up closer to the more dreaded top. Plus it's boxes because it drip dries faster than blunt ends!

Marissa Victoria
04/23/13 10:03:40PM @marissa-victoria:

Thank you for your input!! I like where they are at the base they seem like a pretty good thickness. I didn't want fatties, I was just hoping they would definitley be atleast as thick as the root. I guess it's just hard to imagine now because theres half thin half thick so maybe it will just take my hair growing and maturing. :) Im excited for the journey!

the Barrellady
04/23/13 09:44:35PM @the-barrellady:

Hi Marissa. Dreads take 1-2 years to mature. The mature dread will become the thickness of where the hair meets the scalp. So if you have a 1 inch section up there, you dread will be 1 inch thick once mature. The ideal size is 1/2 inch at the scalp, or the size of a quarter. Larger sections take longer to dry once mature, larger ones can take up to 36 hours to dry, and thats a long time. Fatties look really cool but come with drying drawbacks. Yours are thin only because they are not mature. They will slowly do all crazy shapes to slowly shrink up and get fatter. It is a wild journey for sure. ....Peace

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