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How to maintain my mane a bit for school?

user image 2013-02-06
By: Marissa Victoria
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Hey there everyone!!

So, I knew going on the dreadlock journey meant experiencing some not-so-prettyhair days, especially with my hair being thin and light. Along with these messy hair days, I'm sure some funky looks are to be expected my way, knowing that some people just don't understand or agree with expression, or natural lifestyles. I'm also starting school next week, and as strong as i am staying through this beautiful process, I'm sure i'm bound to come accross those critical people, so aside from obviously ignoring it, how can I maintain my hair a bit so that it doesn't cause any attention? Some amazing helpful hairstyle recommendations or something would be super duper helpful on my journey. !!
Advice appreciated!

Marissa Victoria
02/08/13 12:15:15AM @marissa-victoria:

Awesome! Hopefully the handband wont too much if I only wear it sometimes...but either way I have the patience, yet excited to see em get there. :] many thanks.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/07/13 04:02:28PM @soaring-eagle:

too hard to say the headband might slow it a lil to

could be weeks could be months u mi=ost likely will be loking like yoir odviosly dreading within a couple months tho

Marissa Victoria
02/07/13 03:54:08PM @marissa-victoria:

Thank You so much!! I definitley feel alot better about going back to school after reading the comments. The handband is a great idea and definitley what I'm going to do along with a tam. Fortunatley I live in a dreadlock friendly area, Santa Cruz, so I'm sure some people will know the journey I'm on, others, probably not so much. Buttt, I'll never stop expressing myself, I'm really excited to start seeing the formation of my locks! Now that their all separated, any idea how long it takes to start really locking? I am patient, yet also curious. :]

Baba Fats
02/07/13 08:50:21AM @baba-fats:

As you grow more confident, you won't mind those stares. And as your locks develop, you won't get nearly as manydisapprovingstares. More and more people will com out of their shells and compliment you on them.

That's one of the beauties of growing locks. It does help to boost your confidence and self esteem

02/07/13 08:39:03AM @patience:

I've been wearing my hair down but with a headband sometimes when I go out (and trying to get confident enough to do it always). I feel it says "no you can see I haven't forgotten to do my hair today - so yes this is how it is meant it to look".

Baba Fats
02/07/13 07:04:02AM @baba-fats:

There's not really anything you can do to clean them up without harming the process. But you can cover them up. A nice tam will leave them with enough room to move around and lock. A loose fitting bandanna will keep them out of the way

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