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Yoga For The Soul

user image 2013-06-17
By: Marissa Victoria
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Hello fellow dreadies, yogis, and friends;

I recently got a job at an amazing Yoga studio. I new before I got the job that I wanted to start my Yoga practice more seriously, in hopes to start my teacher training in the next few months. I always new I loved yoga. However, when I took a Yoga class, it was at my college and something about it didn't hit home the way this studio does. I work the FD as of right now, and have met so many amazing people. So many CONSCIOUS people. Who aren't just doing Yoga to become fit but to find oneness with their body and their surroundings.

The studio I work for was founded on the idea of healing for cancer, wellness, and mindfulness. There is a Tea house inside of it that serves organic teas, vegan smoothies, and fresh juices.

I was so surprised I got the phone call back for this job because I literally manifested this into my life practically instantly. I was starting to get so fed up with the unhealthy American, fast food, lifestyle. The unconscious lifestyle most people are living by sitting on their bums watching T.V., stressing over bills and the future.

What I found at the studio, was a confirmation, that I'm on the right track, and that I need to be doing what I'm doing. Not only that, but it reinforces my goal to help people; my ability to love people; my desire to understand and feel compassion for others who are in a place of suffering.

We all have the power to heal. And we all gain something from others.

I realized that mindfulness over ones body, mind, and diet only makes one stronger! And allows one to think clearly, and function OPTIMALLY.

Yoga is my "drug".

It almost brings tears to my eyes when I see seniors coming to yoga classes on oxygen tanks because it shows a persons dedication, hard work and devotion to wellness, and mindfulness with themselves.

All amounting to a better life.

When you realize everything you feel and think is in your control, you can live your dreams.

When you aren't feeling good, catching colds, mood swings, ANYTHING that isn't feeling good,

can be cured through Yoga.

It's for everyone, anytime, anywhere.

Just remember to Breathe...Hear that Breathe; the essential function to your staying alive;

And be one with it.


Marissa Victoria
06/26/13 09:50:38PM @marissa-victoria:


Thank you :)) It's always amazing when others can appreciate the simpliest things in life; especially those that bring us a longer, happier, vital life. <3

Jennaleigh Moonflower
06/26/13 06:04:30PM @jennaleigh-moonflower:
This is so true and just lifted my spirit a bit. Yoga is a very powerful, spiritual, healing element that I dont think I could go one day without. Its essential to health like dancing, and laughing, and talking to other human beings<3

Marissa Victoria
06/20/13 05:26:54PM @marissa-victoria:

Thanks so much Jayke!!

I'm truly appreciative and taking each day at a time with my head heald high !!


Jayke Watson
06/18/13 05:43:21AM @jayke-watson:

I'm really happy for you that sounds like an amazing opportunity. Make the most of it! :)


Marissa Victoria
06/17/13 04:23:44PM @marissa-victoria:
Thank you SO much!! :) <3

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/17/13 03:18:18PM @soaring-eagle:

beautifuly said and im so happy for you and your new job

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