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First month update

By Tyrik smith, 2012-12-04
I've been at it a month and this is how I am looking so far
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6 Month Journey

By Shade Of Ashes, 2012-12-03

Hello Cherished Otherbeasts! I'm so glad you're joining me. <3

December 1st marked the 6 months anniversary of me having dreadlocks! How time flies, eh? I asked some good friends of mine from about the wild notion of combing them out or cutting them off and received a very affirmative cry of, "Just wait!" Give them time, etc. Well, I've decided on giving my dreads a whole year to see if I can't live without them.

I posted up a blog a while back entitled, "20 Little Unknown Things About Having Dreadlocks," which at the time, I was frustrated with my dreads and thinking about destroying them. Seriously. They were doing some really weird things like turning into S-shapes the entire length of the dread so that it looked like a snake. I honestly called myself Medusa on more than one occasion.

They were also going crazy and losing length; it was like watching a vine shrivel up because it had no water. WTF was happening to my hair? Turns out it's just part of the process: my dreads were (and still are) in the process of maturing - they were tightening up rather quickly - which explains the loss of length, and just now they're starting to relax and give me some length back. Don't get me wrong, I still have several dreadlocks that are wavy as bad 80's perm, but I have faith they'll work themselves out.

The part I'm really excited about is that they're feeling less scratchy (they felt like Velcro for the longest time) and more like soft cotton rope that I've heard many a dread-head describe. For me that's exciting because it means they won't itch my boyfriend nearly as much when I lay my head on his chest.

I'd say my biggest benefactor in having my dreads tighten up correctly is by using old school bar soap made by Yardley that only has plant oils, essential oils, and plant fat for lather. I mean, talk about squeaky-clean; that expression never registered until I started washing my hair with a soap that literally has no - and leaves no - chemical residues. That has helped immensely. I suggest going to your local Walgreens, HEB, CVS, Randalls, or wherever and buying an old fashioned bar of natural soap - my friend who used one with lard in it has had extraordinary results - you'll be amazed.

I'm still frustrated with the little loops and bumps that appear near the root of my dreadlocks but it's something I am very slowly learning to overcome and just "let it go." Sometimes. The neat thing I still can't get over is the array of styles you can put these babies into and they'll just stay. You can put your hair in an up-do all without bands, pins, or ouchie things! It's pretty amazing.

Needless to say, at this particular moment, I don't want to cut them off or comb them out... I'm sort of enjoying seeing what they do naturally... as crazy as that can get. My dreadlocks have even made me chuckle on a few occasions because I'll find one that's just... funky. I mean downright zany, crooked, lumpy, and weird... and it makes me giggle. Others I find are nice, full, soft, thick, and amazing.

I took out all my "effects." I like saying effects like Captain Jack Sparrow to reference all the beads, silk, baubles, cording, leather, etc, that I adorn my hair with because it's pretty accurate. But I digress, I took out all of the beads (with the exception of some wool roving that I felted in and some red silk that has worked its way into one of my dreads) so that my hair could have a period of "doing whatever it's going to do," plus when dreads are babies beads can cause weak spots, etc. I certainly don't want to wake up one morning and find one of my dreadlocks on my pillow instead of being attached to my head.

Having dreadlocks for six months has been interesting, to say the least. But the main reason behind me getting them has transformed a bit... originally I wanted to get in touch with my more "primal" side as well as getting to wellness. Well, having dreads has done that and more. I actually, literally, went Primal by eating according to the Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson. I've lost 15 pounds and 16 inches and I feel better. I also gave up sodas and processed sugars like candy. I started doing yoga regularly. I also had my copper IUD removed. (Foreign objects in my body? No thank you.) My last little vice I need to cut out and cut out quickly is smoking cigarettes. It WILL happen. I'm tired of smoking, tired of the smell, the taste, etc. If I don't quit before January 1st, it will happen that exact day. I'm spending my last year in my twenties getting myself healthier than I ever have been (except maybe when I was born and breastfed). I'm actually quite thankful for my dreadlocks because every time I touch them, see them, feel them, I am reminded of this commitment. Plus my grandfather just passed away on Saturday and it calls into sharp contrast just how short our time on this earth really is. He lived to be 95 years old and I'd like to follow that up.

So I'm saying it in front of God, the Universe, and everything else: Come May 8th, 2013 (my 30th birthday) I want to walk out onto the beach in an itty bitty bikini, healthy as the day I was born, declare myself free of any unhealthy habits, and go dunk myself and my dreads in the seawater.

So, that's how my dreads are doing at the six month mark and where I'm at personally. I love you all and I wish you the best of luck in everything you do! I will be updating before the year mark... so stay tuned!


Until Next Time,

<3 Shade

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Loops and loose hair?

By Summer Johnson, 2012-12-03
My dreads are going crazy! There's loose hair and loops sticking out,EVERYWHERE!Is that normal? Will the loops and loose hair ever find there way into nice smooth dreads or should I do something to help them along?
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Broke down..

By Coloursnrainbows, 2012-12-02
So I broke down and bought a box of hair dye.. I'm sitting here staring at it thinking do I want to do this? I only want to dye the body of my baby dreads and not touch the roots..I want to lighten the body of the dreads to a light blonde. As they are right now a yellowish orange color which is not very pleasing to me. So what Am I waiting for? Hmm. Kinda afraid of not being able to wash all the dye outDecisions decisions...
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Happiness is no more haircuts

By ginger.rose, 2012-12-02
I just had one of those moments... I just erased "Get a Haircut" off of my repeating to-do list, and had a little celebration. I have always hated getting haircuts, not only because no style fits me, but also because they wanted to still try and style my hair, no matter how much I said "no". They would try and put crap in it, too. They would also ALWAYS cut it shorter than I asked. Like I can't see the length of hair hitting the floor?No more salons, and no more salon attitude and ignorance. Yay!
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All the new possibilities and great Adventures that lie ahead.

By Meijka, 2012-12-01

A very true friend and I are moving to Hawaii for six months or so. This is creating a lot of excitement in our hearts. We are going to volunteer on an organic farm in exchange for food and shelter. It's exciting because we are very ignorant in the means of living off the land. This will be a true learning experience and adventure all in it's own. We also get to learn to cook organic fresh food, meet new people and enjoy paradise for all it has to offer. We have a college budget so we are pretty lucky for this opportunity. We will be hiking, camping, snorkeling and surfing everyday we have the chance. I love how being frugal just means you actually have to live it, instead of observe it. I understand that this may mean there are going to be many challenges also. We are two girls from Mi who never left their home town. But this is a chance for personal growth that we have been yearning for so long. If anybody has done anything like this before, please offer some advice.

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dread advice!!!

By Skully, 2012-11-30

I need everyone's advice...

I love having dreads. But they are getting crazy!!! they are trying to congo and there are a few of them that are tangling with dreads that are 2 or 3 dreads away... what would you guys do? Would you take them out and redo them or would you let them go and do their thing?

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the value of a nipple ..err i mean nickle ..or no i dont

By ☮ soaring eagle ॐ, 2012-11-29

well ive recently added a new ad network to the ads on the site one that promised a high payout but then when i started it i noticed alot of crappy ads and near pornlike dating site ads ..along with a low payoutSo i contacted them about several issues i sw with the service and was told they could upgrade me to a premium service if i removed ceratin images and they gave a link:

looking over that list of images i noticed only 2 nipples..

nothing sexualized or porn like at all..

now i could remove those 2 images and earn about 100 dollars a day and get better quality ads (no auto play audio ads no ads that generate popups no ads that look like malware or for porny dating sites etc

or i can do the right thing and stand up for the rights of women

this was my response

out of all those i see oly 2 that are at all questionable (show a nipple) now everywhere its gone to court where the rights of women were in question and men were alowed to go wo[ithout shirts in public the laws were changed alowing women to go topless in public parks at least (the park across the treet from the white house is 1 such park where women are alowed to go topless) in the same way women who do roofing for a living are permitted to work topless. i have a strict rule against porn and sexualized nudity but not casual or artistic or incidental nudity.
and as i said only 2 images showed a nipple wich only proves they are mammals you didnt know that already..
so i haveto stand up for the rights of women to share in the same freedoms as men..
besides many of the ads ive seen werent much better they certainly were more sexualized
those arethe type ads im trying to avoid
we'll see how they respond
in the meantime do you think i should have removed the only 2 questionable images just cause they happened to show an exposed nipple/
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spiritual journey

By hailey eden, 2012-11-28
I had my awakening a few years ago. I felt as if all my eyes had opened and I could see more clear. On a daily bases I meditate 30 mins a day, and if I feel busy or rushed I will meditate an hour. I have been having amazing lucid dreams. And I have even astrolprojected. I do this by first meditating with my eyes closed I can see through them to what's directly infront of me. I keep my mind in space meaning I think about nothing at all possibilities are open. I can then feel every part of my body detach from the physical world. Its at most an enlightening feeling
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dready babies

By hailey eden, 2012-11-28
My dreads are about 2 and a half months old. They have yet to lock fully. I love waking up to my nappyness. I have come to realization that my hair is no longer a hairstyles it is a way of life. They just add to my journey. I am a lot happier with myself regardless of what others might think. It took me roughly 2 years to decide if dreads where my way to go. I can't see myself without them.
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