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water everyday

By Jonathan Farr, 2012-12-08

Hey everyone! you all are so amazing and this site is great. i am 2 weeks into my journey and just have a question. i was wondering if it is bad to wet my head everyday. ive never really thought too much about it and just need some input.

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Curly locs

By Melony, 2012-12-08

Recently people are actually starting to notice I have dreads (3 months of natural/free forming)
Someattentionis negative, but most is positive! Friends that I haven't seen in a while will say things like "Oh your dreads look awesome! I didn't even know you had them!"
But then there are thosedisapprovingpeople who just don't get why someone would choose to dread their hair. They say things like "whats with your hair?" or "Did you get in a fight with a rat?"
Thus far I've just shrugged off the negative comments and continued to love my locs all the same.

I don't know if you can really tell from the picture, but I've got lots of loops in my dreads, and I love the way it looks right now!
Up until a few days ago I had twoseparatecongos that were pretty huge and uncomfortable... One was two huge dreads into one, and the other was two huge dreads and one small dread combined into one.. Both were in the back of my head.
So I set to work on the congos and eventually I was able toseparatethem.. Although the one that had a small dread added into it I didn't bother.. its pretty well embedded into another dread.
Now that I don't have to worry about those congos I've fallen in love with my dreads all over again. I was getting pretty annoyed that I couldn't do anything with my hair without those getting in the way.. But now that they areseparatedI can do lots of stuff with it and its not uncomfortable. :)

There are two things that I really want for my dreads!
One is a shower cap.. I've been using a plastic grocery sac and tying it on my head to avoid washing my dreads every time I shower.
And the other is some sort of a silk head wrap that I can wrap all of my hair into.. I co-sleep with my 6 month old baby boy, and he nurses throughout the night so we are constantly rolling to different positions and what not.. and I can imagine that might be why my hair has dreaded up so quickly... and while that can be desirable.. thats why I developed the congos to begin with.. not enoughseparatingand too much rolling around on my cotton pillowcase. lol

Well, this post was mostly just to ramble about my thoughts on how my dreads are doing currently. But I would like to add that I am sogratefulto have found this site!! So I special Thanks to everyone that has commented on my posts and written posts on here.. I really enjoy reading what others have to say about their dreads. :)

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Videogames and Dreads

By Brandi Leigh, 2012-12-08

Just noticed even my video game characters have dreads, guess I had been thinking about dreading my hair for awhile haha.

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are my dreads falling apart?

By lexlex :D, 2012-12-08

okay so i JUST started my dreads on november 26 2012 and im very new to this although i did research before just jumping into it and dreading my hair, i used the twist and rip method on my hair and waited 4 days until washing them (i use dr.bronners) they are already looping and have bumps in them and very very tight for only 5 day dreads. i am worried about my dread possibly falling out because it feels like maybe some hair has pulled out of my scalp and clumped in certain places and leaving a small thin section of loose root. is that normal? or should i be worried? i mean you cant really see any thinning spots when you look at them, just straight hair, also i did not start out with wax and i haven't used any, i did palm roll a few times and root rub but i haven't in a few days.

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Neg =(

By Mama Kat, 2012-12-08

I've started getting negative comments about my dreadies =( from really good friends, too...on the other hand, complete strangers love them...whatever, I am doing this for me, no one else needs to approve!!!

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Rooting not locking :(

By Sara7, 2012-12-07
My roots are not locking as well as hoped. I have a dread in the back which has grown out nearly two inches and is not dreadsed Any advice on how to lock roots? Thanks a bunch! One life, one love.
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Dreads that belong to two people.

By ashley walker, 2012-12-06

So I put a few of my friends hair in my dreads and I tied one of my friends hair in there with string and I guess I left a rubber band in there.

So today I decided to cut out the string and where the rubber band was, is this gunky stuff. It doesn't smell and now that part of the dread is kind of weak :(

It's my favorite dread, I hope it goes away.

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Day 1

By Brandi Leigh, 2012-12-06

Ordered some shampoo bars, just awaiting arrival. Since I have some very strange skin, I'm not even going to try the whole baking soda deal.

My man is being really supportive and I think he will like using the bars as well ( he doesn't use conditioner anyway ).

I started not brushing a day or two ago so yeah, I guess I've started on my hair journey!

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Happy Holidays (yea thats what i said)

By ☮ soaring eagle ॐ, 2012-12-05

Happy holidays to one and all!

and by that i mean, all holidays celebrated by all people not just the 1 celebrated by some..some who feel only theirs should be allowed

fox news reports often on the war on christmass but what is this war on christmass? don't they mean the christmass war? the war started thousands of years ago?

when pagans celebrated their winter holidays and the christians choose to crush them by forcing them to celebrate christmass? the birth of a guy who was born in the spring but who's birthday was celebrated in the dead of winter just to fall t the time of the pagan celebrations?

the war on christmass if you want to believe there is 1 was started by puritans during the colonial days in some areas it was illegal to celebrate christmass

in fact nearly all the holidays the fox news psudo (or psycho) christians are fighting to protect are all stolen holidays that have absolutely nothing to do with jesus and christianity

the bringing in of a tree the easter bunny have their roots in earth based beliefs not in the heaven and hell bearded dude in the sky based beliefs

(special note to the god hates gays category of christians: the early christistmass holidays..the ones that formed the foundation of what we have today involved gay sex was the 1 time of year men were able to have sex with men as a celebration...this is the tradition your fighting to presserve?)

im not saying we should go around yelling out fuck chrisstmass or anything like that but just that we should say happy holidays in respect to all beliefs including those whos holidays were stolen by those who now try to claim them

happy Solstice

happy Kwanzza

happy Hanukkah

happy hoho (the fat man sliding down the chimney was a shaman delivering ..mushrooms of enlightenment...keep that 1 in mind while sipping your eggnog)

and all the rest

lets not forget we are not alone theres a million beliefs in this world of ours as irational as they may be each 1 borrows (or steals) a lil from the others and not any 1 shal be greater then the lert it be a happy holiday to all

cause no matter what deity you believe in..wouldnt they want it this way?

(but feel free to scream F-U to fox news)

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By Summer Johnson, 2012-12-05
Is it bad to have your dreads up in a pony tail a lot?If I let them loose and hang down and spin and twirl around- will the dread up better at the roots? Or does it really not make a difference.
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