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Rooting not locking :(

By Sara7, 2012-12-07
My roots are not locking as well as hoped. I have a dread in the back which has grown out nearly two inches and is not dreadsed Any advice on how to lock roots? Thanks a bunch! One life, one love.
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Dreads that belong to two people.

By ashley walker, 2012-12-06

So I put a few of my friends hair in my dreads and I tied one of my friends hair in there with string and I guess I left a rubber band in there.

So today I decided to cut out the string and where the rubber band was, is this gunky stuff. It doesn't smell and now that part of the dread is kind of weak :(

It's my favorite dread, I hope it goes away.

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Day 1

By Brandi Leigh, 2012-12-06

Ordered some shampoo bars, just awaiting arrival. Since I have some very strange skin, I'm not even going to try the whole baking soda deal.

My man is being really supportive and I think he will like using the bars as well ( he doesn't use conditioner anyway ).

I started not brushing a day or two ago so yeah, I guess I've started on my hair journey!

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Happy Holidays (yea thats what i said)

By ☮ soaring eagle ॐ, 2012-12-05

Happy holidays to one and all!

and by that i mean, all holidays celebrated by all people not just the 1 celebrated by some..some who feel only theirs should be allowed

fox news reports often on the war on christmass but what is this war on christmass? don't they mean the christmass war? the war started thousands of years ago?

when pagans celebrated their winter holidays and the christians choose to crush them by forcing them to celebrate christmass? the birth of a guy who was born in the spring but who's birthday was celebrated in the dead of winter just to fall t the time of the pagan celebrations?

the war on christmass if you want to believe there is 1 was started by puritans during the colonial days in some areas it was illegal to celebrate christmass

in fact nearly all the holidays the fox news psudo (or psycho) christians are fighting to protect are all stolen holidays that have absolutely nothing to do with jesus and christianity

the bringing in of a tree the easter bunny have their roots in earth based beliefs not in the heaven and hell bearded dude in the sky based beliefs

(special note to the god hates gays category of christians: the early christistmass holidays..the ones that formed the foundation of what we have today involved gay sex was the 1 time of year men were able to have sex with men as a celebration...this is the tradition your fighting to presserve?)

im not saying we should go around yelling out fuck chrisstmass or anything like that but just that we should say happy holidays in respect to all beliefs including those whos holidays were stolen by those who now try to claim them

happy Solstice

happy Kwanzza

happy Hanukkah

happy hoho (the fat man sliding down the chimney was a shaman delivering ..mushrooms of enlightenment...keep that 1 in mind while sipping your eggnog)

and all the rest

lets not forget we are not alone theres a million beliefs in this world of ours as irational as they may be each 1 borrows (or steals) a lil from the others and not any 1 shal be greater then the lert it be a happy holiday to all

cause no matter what deity you believe in..wouldnt they want it this way?

(but feel free to scream F-U to fox news)

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By Summer Johnson, 2012-12-05
Is it bad to have your dreads up in a pony tail a lot?If I let them loose and hang down and spin and twirl around- will the dread up better at the roots? Or does it really not make a difference.
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Closer to Nature

By Melony, 2012-12-04

My dad was born in the late 40s, so he has a lot of perspective on all the different trends since then.

He has always been a story teller, and once he told me a story that I will entitle "Earth Mama"
Now bear in mind, I have no idea how realistic this story is.. but heres my interpretation of it.

My dad remembers a time when they started putting out all kinds of mass produced shampoos/conditioners, body soaps, foods and etc. After all these mass produced items were put on the market, there were women who decided that they didn't like all these products that were already put together and so easily accessible, they wanted something with morecustomization.. something where they knew (and could understand) all the ingredients that were in it. My dad came to know these women as Earth Mamas.

I am a mother of 2, and with both of my babies I've chosen to make my own homemade baby foods out of fresh organic produce rather then the heavily processed jarred food. I also cloth diaper my babies, and I use cloth wipes as well.. which is what started my obsession with essential oils.
When my youngest was just a few weeks old he developed a bad diaper rash that wouldn't go away for anything, I tried rash creams, and even some prescription yeast cream to no avail.
One day I visited a little shop downtown Olympia, WA called Radiance. They sell tons of essential oils and the staff there was very helpful and we researched infant safe essential oils for rashes. I left the shop that day with Lavender Oil, Apricot Oil, and Tea Tree Oil.
I went home and mixed those three oils into water and started using them for a cloth wipes solution and soon enough my sons rash went away within a week! I've been using that same combination ever since then and I haven't had too much of a rash problem since.

Then I decided to dread my hair out, it was very long and tangle prone... I'd been growing it out for years and had reached the point where I was tired of taking care of it.
So I did some research and realized that most of the same essential oils I already had could be used in my hair!
I started making my own shampoo by mixing baking soda, lavender oil, and tea tree oil into water and pouring it over my scalp and letting it sit for about 10-30 minutes while I was in the shower.
I LOVED the way my hair smelled, and my scalp felt cleaner then it ever had before! Now... 3 months later I've got some serious baby dreads going and they always smell like some kind of amazing essential oil. :)
I've experimented with all kinds of other essential oils, my favorite of the season being peppermint oil. (I LOVE the tingly feeling on my scalp... not to mention it smells AMAZING)
Typically I wash my dreads every week and a half to 2 weeks with water and essential oils, baking soda I only add about one time per month to get all the grease out (I have oily hair)
And in between washes... most every day I will spray my dreads with a premade mixture of water, lavender oil and tea tree oil to freshen things up and also because I love the smell :)

If you've never experimented with essential oils... I highlyrecommendit!

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First month update

By Tyrik smith, 2012-12-04
I've been at it a month and this is how I am looking so far
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6 Month Journey

By Shade Of Ashes, 2012-12-03

Hello Cherished Otherbeasts! I'm so glad you're joining me. <3

December 1st marked the 6 months anniversary of me having dreadlocks! How time flies, eh? I asked some good friends of mine from about the wild notion of combing them out or cutting them off and received a very affirmative cry of, "Just wait!" Give them time, etc. Well, I've decided on giving my dreads a whole year to see if I can't live without them.

I posted up a blog a while back entitled, "20 Little Unknown Things About Having Dreadlocks," which at the time, I was frustrated with my dreads and thinking about destroying them. Seriously. They were doing some really weird things like turning into S-shapes the entire length of the dread so that it looked like a snake. I honestly called myself Medusa on more than one occasion.

They were also going crazy and losing length; it was like watching a vine shrivel up because it had no water. WTF was happening to my hair? Turns out it's just part of the process: my dreads were (and still are) in the process of maturing - they were tightening up rather quickly - which explains the loss of length, and just now they're starting to relax and give me some length back. Don't get me wrong, I still have several dreadlocks that are wavy as bad 80's perm, but I have faith they'll work themselves out.

The part I'm really excited about is that they're feeling less scratchy (they felt like Velcro for the longest time) and more like soft cotton rope that I've heard many a dread-head describe. For me that's exciting because it means they won't itch my boyfriend nearly as much when I lay my head on his chest.

I'd say my biggest benefactor in having my dreads tighten up correctly is by using old school bar soap made by Yardley that only has plant oils, essential oils, and plant fat for lather. I mean, talk about squeaky-clean; that expression never registered until I started washing my hair with a soap that literally has no - and leaves no - chemical residues. That has helped immensely. I suggest going to your local Walgreens, HEB, CVS, Randalls, or wherever and buying an old fashioned bar of natural soap - my friend who used one with lard in it has had extraordinary results - you'll be amazed.

I'm still frustrated with the little loops and bumps that appear near the root of my dreadlocks but it's something I am very slowly learning to overcome and just "let it go." Sometimes. The neat thing I still can't get over is the array of styles you can put these babies into and they'll just stay. You can put your hair in an up-do all without bands, pins, or ouchie things! It's pretty amazing.

Needless to say, at this particular moment, I don't want to cut them off or comb them out... I'm sort of enjoying seeing what they do naturally... as crazy as that can get. My dreadlocks have even made me chuckle on a few occasions because I'll find one that's just... funky. I mean downright zany, crooked, lumpy, and weird... and it makes me giggle. Others I find are nice, full, soft, thick, and amazing.

I took out all my "effects." I like saying effects like Captain Jack Sparrow to reference all the beads, silk, baubles, cording, leather, etc, that I adorn my hair with because it's pretty accurate. But I digress, I took out all of the beads (with the exception of some wool roving that I felted in and some red silk that has worked its way into one of my dreads) so that my hair could have a period of "doing whatever it's going to do," plus when dreads are babies beads can cause weak spots, etc. I certainly don't want to wake up one morning and find one of my dreadlocks on my pillow instead of being attached to my head.

Having dreadlocks for six months has been interesting, to say the least. But the main reason behind me getting them has transformed a bit... originally I wanted to get in touch with my more "primal" side as well as getting to wellness. Well, having dreads has done that and more. I actually, literally, went Primal by eating according to the Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson. I've lost 15 pounds and 16 inches and I feel better. I also gave up sodas and processed sugars like candy. I started doing yoga regularly. I also had my copper IUD removed. (Foreign objects in my body? No thank you.) My last little vice I need to cut out and cut out quickly is smoking cigarettes. It WILL happen. I'm tired of smoking, tired of the smell, the taste, etc. If I don't quit before January 1st, it will happen that exact day. I'm spending my last year in my twenties getting myself healthier than I ever have been (except maybe when I was born and breastfed). I'm actually quite thankful for my dreadlocks because every time I touch them, see them, feel them, I am reminded of this commitment. Plus my grandfather just passed away on Saturday and it calls into sharp contrast just how short our time on this earth really is. He lived to be 95 years old and I'd like to follow that up.

So I'm saying it in front of God, the Universe, and everything else: Come May 8th, 2013 (my 30th birthday) I want to walk out onto the beach in an itty bitty bikini, healthy as the day I was born, declare myself free of any unhealthy habits, and go dunk myself and my dreads in the seawater.

So, that's how my dreads are doing at the six month mark and where I'm at personally. I love you all and I wish you the best of luck in everything you do! I will be updating before the year mark... so stay tuned!


Until Next Time,

<3 Shade

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Loops and loose hair?

By Summer Johnson, 2012-12-03
My dreads are going crazy! There's loose hair and loops sticking out,EVERYWHERE!Is that normal? Will the loops and loose hair ever find there way into nice smooth dreads or should I do something to help them along?
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Broke down..

By Coloursnrainbows, 2012-12-02
So I broke down and bought a box of hair dye.. I'm sitting here staring at it thinking do I want to do this? I only want to dye the body of my baby dreads and not touch the roots..I want to lighten the body of the dreads to a light blonde. As they are right now a yellowish orange color which is not very pleasing to me. So what Am I waiting for? Hmm. Kinda afraid of not being able to wash all the dye outDecisions decisions...
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