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Curly locs

By: Melony
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Recently people are actually starting to notice I have dreads (3 months of natural/free forming)
Someattentionis negative, but most is positive! Friends that I haven't seen in a while will say things like "Oh your dreads look awesome! I didn't even know you had them!"
But then there are thosedisapprovingpeople who just don't get why someone would choose to dread their hair. They say things like "whats with your hair?" or "Did you get in a fight with a rat?"
Thus far I've just shrugged off the negative comments and continued to love my locs all the same.

I don't know if you can really tell from the picture, but I've got lots of loops in my dreads, and I love the way it looks right now!
Up until a few days ago I had twoseparatecongos that were pretty huge and uncomfortable... One was two huge dreads into one, and the other was two huge dreads and one small dread combined into one.. Both were in the back of my head.
So I set to work on the congos and eventually I was able toseparatethem.. Although the one that had a small dread added into it I didn't bother.. its pretty well embedded into another dread.
Now that I don't have to worry about those congos I've fallen in love with my dreads all over again. I was getting pretty annoyed that I couldn't do anything with my hair without those getting in the way.. But now that they areseparatedI can do lots of stuff with it and its not uncomfortable. :)

There are two things that I really want for my dreads!
One is a shower cap.. I've been using a plastic grocery sac and tying it on my head to avoid washing my dreads every time I shower.
And the other is some sort of a silk head wrap that I can wrap all of my hair into.. I co-sleep with my 6 month old baby boy, and he nurses throughout the night so we are constantly rolling to different positions and what not.. and I can imagine that might be why my hair has dreaded up so quickly... and while that can be desirable.. thats why I developed the congos to begin with.. not enoughseparatingand too much rolling around on my cotton pillowcase. lol

Well, this post was mostly just to ramble about my thoughts on how my dreads are doing currently. But I would like to add that I am sogratefulto have found this site!! So I special Thanks to everyone that has commented on my posts and written posts on here.. I really enjoy reading what others have to say about their dreads. :)

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