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Neg =(

user image 2012-12-08
By: Mama Kat
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I've started getting negative comments about my dreadies =( from really good friends, too...on the other hand, complete strangers love them...whatever, I am doing this for me, no one else needs to approve!!!

Diego F.
12/09/12 09:38:27PM @diego-f:

I think that the biggest rule to have dread is:

- don't care about what others will think or say, just have them if you like them

you don't need any approval, nor negative comments from the others... just don't carea bout it!

And your dreads are lovely!

Mama Kat
12/08/12 11:26:04PM @mama-kat:

<3 this site!!! You guys rock!!! I'm all warm and gooey feeling now ^_^

Jaco Rossouw
12/08/12 01:52:51PM @jaco-rossouw:

@ Ruth

Yeah :) I'm lucky in thesense that i found this site a few days after my 1st crochet session that formed them,haven'ttouchedthem since, all-natural :)

I really wanne see some pics of people who has walked the same path of 1 time crocheting(or not long term crocheting) tonatural... havnt found nice pics yet...

Om talking pics regularly to help and encourage fellow dreadies in the future. If you (or any one) knows of a good timeline for crochet to natural please let a brother know :)

Ruth Creekus
12/08/12 11:52:56AM @ruth-creekus:

@ Jaco

The only time you should EVER crochet your hair is when dreads have not formed yet. Once the dread is formed, crocheting will just rip your hair apart, as I'm sure you figured out.

Ruth Creekus
12/08/12 11:50:57AM @ruth-creekus:

Your friends are probably secretly jealous of your hair.

Marq Mutant
12/08/12 11:33:14AM @marq-mutant:

just be yourself and forget what anyone says especially when there comments on how you cant wash dreads or how you aren't doing it right when the people telling you this have never even had dreads those are the kind I get the most but I just think my dreads are exactly that mine I'm growing them for me not anyone else

Jaco Rossouw
12/08/12 10:45:32AM @jaco-rossouw:


Don't worry for one more second! You said it yourself, your dreadies are for YOU! And no-one else!! Im in the same boat...6 months recovering from crochet and they are (in other people's eyes at least "a mess") Getting comments like "When are you going to re-dread them" or "When are you starting over" hahaha... can I guess and say the people who comment don't have dreads of their own? Hehe.. dont worry, the look amazing!! :)

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