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Dreads that belong to two people.

user image 2012-12-06
By: ashley walker
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So I put a few of my friends hair in my dreads and I tied one of my friends hair in there with string and I guess I left a rubber band in there.

So today I decided to cut out the string and where the rubber band was, is this gunky stuff. It doesn't smell and now that part of the dread is kind of weak :(

It's my favorite dread, I hope it goes away.

Diego F.
12/07/12 01:09:59PM @diego-f:

that's why everyone advice to DON'T USE RUBBER BANDS...

Well i don't know what you can do to save this dread, SoaringEagle and other members more experienced can tell you what to do!

Hope it will be fine soon!

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