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Patience, Contentment and Beyond

By Tim5, 2012-11-28

Patience and contentment. Growing hair should not require patience. Acceptance through the knowledge that we have, that it will take years to grow dreadlocks, can bring into our mind, contentment. So, weekly or monthly observations should not cause thoughts about progress, letting go of ideas that I can watch it progress, are best forgotten. Learn, then forget everything. Focus on the inner journey not the outer growth of hair. What dreadlocks cause is an inward journey of self discovery. They allow us to break free from material values and look within, and see the within of others, dont look at the hair, look at the soul, see that this person does not want his or her outer body judged. I want to be free of physical judgment (from myself and others).

Going beyond thought, and just doing the thing, living spiritually, the locks grow, just wash and separate, that is all, leave questions behind, live in the moment, neither looking forward or back, right now everything is fine, I want for nothing. At this moment I neither think of the past or the future. The locks on my head dont need me to think about them to knot and grow. Positive thought is powerful, but uncontrolled thought will cause all sorts of ailments. Today, I remembered to forget everything.

Stillness, no thought, going beyond thought. Patience is effort, I want to be still (me, soul), I know my hair will be fine, it is becoming natural, it needs no help, maybe a little separation, it doesnt need that, I do, for comfort, more questions. Do I? Perhaps I will adopt a minimal separation dreadlock.

Acceptance through knowledge that it will take a long time to grow dreadlocks should banish the thoughts about progress from our mind. Firstly we need to realize that growing dreadlocks is a long term commitment, (not even commitment, it is nothing, it is natural). There is no destination; the end is never coming, stop thinking.

Dreadlocks is the natural state of our hair, then what is the natural state of mind. To be still, to be loving, to be in the moment.

Just a ramble, some thoughts, just my opinion. I would love to hear others thought about this or any other subject that comes to mind.



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thinking of starting curly dreads?

By curlyrose, 2012-11-28

havent brushed it in 3 days.

want to let it dread... but i wat to be able to shower in the morning? would it kill it to rinse my hair for about 30 seconds in the morning? im liking the tangly look :3

sorry is tied back,

also worried bout losing length

ill keep posting pictures!

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By Castaway J, 2012-11-28

The Earth, mother earth, has 7 chakras; the human body has 7 chakras, and so on. Meditating and cleansing of these chakras is done just as one would meditate and cleans ones own chakras of negative dark energy with each exhale and filling it with light energy received through each deep inhale, for inner peace and balance of not only oneself, but for the world. Praying or meditating, focusing on say a natural disaster somewhere in the world, has been proven to have profound positive effects on the outcome. The effect of human thought and consciousnesss been studied in Washington D.C. for instance, one of the highest rates of criminal activities in the United States. Immediately crime rates dropped, and it was shown that mental influence can have a direct effect on ones surroundings. They say keep your thoughts to yourself, but even having the thoughts to begin with is enough to manifest something in your life youd have been better off without.

One of my favorite examples that scientifically proves that us, Human Beings, are directly connected to mother earth and her electro-magnetosphere is what they observed on 9/11/2001. I know the events make me cringe thinking about still. But what happened on that day was so devastating. NASA has two satellites in space that measure the strength of earths electromagnetic field. At all times, for decades they have been studying the electromagnetic field and have made the observation that it is weakening, and this thing is what protects us from radiation blasts from the sun and other distant bodies. Anyway, on 9/11 the whole world felt the same emotion for the most part, in turn this made the electromagnetic field of the earth spike very high as if out of nowhere. We are directly connected to the earth and her spiritual vibrations. The rapture, for all intensive purposes, refers to the earth splitting in vibrations, higher and lower.

If you know about vibrations then you know about the two basic emotions that stem out the rest of the emotions. The two basic vibrations are FEAR and LOVE. From those two emotions you get all of the others, all corresponding low or high in their respective vibrations.
The DNA within us all act as if they are antennae picking these vibrations up, but your DNA can only receive so much energy. Think of it like this, a low vibration is long and stretched out, so naturally it is going to hit your DNA fewer times, whereas a higher vibration from someone living in love is going to receive more of this positive energy, its like seeing people who have a certain glow about them. Its because it is true.

I know firsthand how difficult it can be to work at this change of character. Its been a work on progress for years. But lately the energy Ive been picking up on has a sense of urgency too it, telling me the time to wrap up karma is now, it should anyway, but some has to be worked out yourself. But the journey that I have been on for many years has only really began to make sense and fall into place since letting my hair lock.

If youve been experiencing similar things trust you are not a lone I promise. Life is great, no matter the setbacks Ive come to realize. Just take it one day at a time and stay true to your word, the Love in your heart is the one and only true currency. Remember when you fret over a bill or the economy, just remember that its all fictitious and doesnt deserve they energy you put into it by worrying.

I finished this post 10 times but kept writing

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just talking about Truth and peoples addiction to the truth

By Castaway J, 2012-11-28

Call a man who speaks Truth a fool, no matter how abstract, you only know "the truth", which has been twisted and perverted into literalization for masses, you only know to use half or the left brain, oh and they have made sure of it for thousands of years.

Have an open mind, do some investigation on your own part, and do not settle for the first search result you find dig dig then dig some more, search for both sides to the story.

Then draw your own conclusions.

Follow your intuition.

Follow through.

If you do not have time, then make time. It is your responsibility, it is an introvert battle we all must face but one that we all can win. Most of us have been feeling something lately, you are not alone.

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Coloring my Dreads

By Jae Johnson, 2012-11-27

So before I got my dreads (which are now three wks to month old) I stripped my hair color. Because I colored my hair back then when I stripped the color it turned like this orange-ish red color. And I want to color the rest of my hair that color. But I don't know if it's okay to do so, or how to go about doing it.

If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.

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Is this soap dread safe?

By Kristian Brooks, 2012-11-27
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Nine months into dreading, 13 weeks into pregnancy!

By Kelsea Quick, 2012-11-27

Just counted my nine month old dreads, and came up with a count of either 31 or 32.. Last time i counted them was probably at 5/6 months and there were 23! I didn't even really notice the new ones sneaking their way in, lol. Lots of loose hair popping up though so the count will surely grow with time. I have some fatties in the back that are probably going to be heavy later on, these are some of the other ones i let dread naturally mainly because i was too lazy to section the back of my hair while twist and ripping.. I twist and ripped maybe ten of them as an experiment and let the rest go on thier own. I've been lazy on seperating lately, but finally got around to it today. Also, i'm almost into my 13th week of pregnany (: Going down another journey in life and letting my dread babies grow right along with me.

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Water for dreads .... Need answers

By Tyrik smith, 2012-11-26
Is it bad to wet your dreads and let them air dry but not wag it or nothing just plain water. I did this because my head was a bit hot
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Why I have dreads.

By Meijka, 2012-11-26

I'm quite happy to say I have dreads. It was a bit difficult coming out of the closet with them because I knew of all the attention I would draw, good and bad. My whole family hates them, my roommates, employers, and professors cringe at them. I thought it would be a bit difficult to pass all these harsh judgments. I have the tendency to take silly things very personally. Well I haven't really ran into anybodies nasty opinions that made me feel discouraged, or alienated. I took it all very lightheartedly. It's just hair. A victimless crime really. The only obstacle I have right now is looking for a full time job. I have been searching all over, and nobody in Michigan hires anymore. Not even an interview. I have been going to school overtime for 2 years straight. I am going to take next semester, and next year off to live in Maui with my sister. So for these next six months I need to work my ass off. Well this was just a bit of a babble really, but if anybody has any pointers on how to deal with negativity positively, and also on my job search please help a sister out! =)

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Too thick!!!!

By Niki Aponte, 2012-11-26
My 13 year old daughter has the thickest dreads. She has a curlier, fine, thick texture of hair if that makes since?? She's part Cuban and blackShe's had dreads for a little over 2 years and she loves all 62 of them.My concern is with all the looooose hair that comes out of the lock by the root. She can literally take all the loose hair and make new dreads. LolMy other concern is with the thickness??I've had locticians tell me that there is away to split the thicker ones to make 2. Is this possible??? Please help. I would love suggestionsNiki
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