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snubblade på skuggan

By Ugglan, 2010-09-02

nu lyssnar man p det brinnner i paris igen och njuter av snabbmackaronisar , student jaw. st mayha var hos mig igr och dreaddade lite , vi ska gra det ikvll igen , dem blir riktit feta allts ! lnga med , typ till naveln ^^ tjockt sger jag. r lite nyfrlskad med kan jag nmmna , men plnkan sger imot , kan inte ka dit. men men vi fr ta det nn annan dag , lite krlek ska jag vll hinna med.iaf s spelar helt off och promoe nu dem loopar , louise sger tjockt ^^
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1 Month, 1 Day

By Gary Charlesworth, 2010-09-01
Ok so it's been an eventful month. I started the month with frizzy sideshow bob hair, and ended it with fully mature dreads...... ... ......Ok so I lied there, but I'm just THAT excited. I can see changes in my hair everyday though. In my last vLog (somewhere in Member Timelines) I mentioned a knot in on of my tips. Since then I've found 2 more, on front dreads. These 2 little knots are wonderful guys. They knotted near the end of the tip, sandwiched between loose tip hairs. Since these knots formed the end of the tip hasn't changed, but the rest of the tip is dreadding nicely. Almost better than the origional backcombed part.I do still need to find a new sleep position. The dreads on the side I sleep on are folding back on themselves at the roots. They also seem to be tightning up more than the other side.And so to the rest of the eventful month...If there are any WWE fans on here, we were reminded of the infamous Katie Vick storyline (thanks CM Punk, I really needed to remember that one!). For those unaware goto -- Looking back on it, it wasn't that bad, but at the time... Damn! Oh and BTW Viewer Discretion is advised, this segment is not suitable for younger viewers. It's a bit sick!I saw Piranha 3D... Seriously, I know it looks like a pile of crap, but it's REALLY funny. And boobs in 3D... More Please!I also went to a party. Not normally my thing, I don't drink alot. But I got wasted, and took a 3hr journey home with the worst hangover ever! And on the same day as the party, I got accosted by Christians and had to talk to him for nearly an hour before he realised that I have my own mind and strong enough personality to withstand the lures of organised religion. Some people don't get the message.I appreciate he's a Christian, and is probably really happy, but I don't want it thrust down my throat as I walk down the street trying to buy booze for a "sinful" evening! He was really nice and invited us to a free Hip-Hop evening at their christian club "The Sin Bin," and I can only imagine what Christian Hip-Hop sounds like! Lets face it religious groups and some musical genres do NOT mix! Although, I would like to hear some Hindu Trance.Anywho, it's pretty late, I gunna get me some sleepy timePeace & LoveBTW: Photos will be up probably this weekend if I get time. Another vLog on the way also.
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By Peaceful Dread, 2010-09-01
I love cats. I have two. I think the cat is the right animal for any dread, not only having the lion in mind. At least it is the right animal for this dread. Cats are peaceful, loving animals. They set the atmosphere in the house, gives it the right spirit. Calms everything down. When I'm sleeping I have the one cat by my feet and the other one in my arms. I've got one boy and one girl. His name is Boesman and her name is Foxy. They are two lovely souls and I love them. And they love one another.I'm sitting here in my armchair, with one cat on each shoulder. It's soon 11PM here in Sweden and I am tired. I think I must go to bed.
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I don't like weed

By Peaceful Dread, 2010-08-31
It kinda bothers me that dreadlocks must be mixed up with weed all the time. I am a guy who does not like to be under the influence of neither alcohol or drugs. I enjoy being high on life though, love is my favorite drug. Love is the greatest high of all.I don't want to promote the use of weed with my hairstyle. I would like to wash all weed of all the dreadlocks in the world. I would rather like dreadlocks to be connected with love. Can't we organize that?
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1st Week

By SaGem, 2010-08-30
Sunday marked one week! I have not used a comb, brush, or commerical shampoo/conditioner or any products during this week. I wash&condition with SE's BS&ACV recipe. Changes I have noticed:Comb-made parts are no longer visible to my eye. But when I touch my hair, I feel the sections.My entire head is covered in fuzz, and the twists are visible enough to pass as an intentional sloopy style. Interesting to note, this "style" was a hit at my local bar.My roots are very loose but firm...together. May be a better description would be, they are no longer twisted or apart of the twists?! And yet they feel&look so soft, bouncy, and healthy.Besides starting with T&R, I am keeping my journey very low maintenance&manipulation. I wash&air dry. And I keep an eye out for sections. I don't re-twist, oil, etc.Looking forward to week 2 :)
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just another day

By Ugglan, 2010-08-29

HP,SD & LLin swedish:nu r det s att jag har suttit p tget i 7 timmar idag , s det knns som att hela helgen har gtt till det , eftersom jag bara har haft en helgdag ledig, resten har jag ju varit p tget. men nu r jag i skolan iaf och ska vll snart sova , men rligt vem orkar ?inte jag iaf , nn gng under veckan skall vi gra om mina dreads , dvs om det dr jvla paketet har kommit , och nej sja inte vaxa jag ska virka ! men behver lite skit till det med snni , blir lite prlor och grejer i dem nu , och s kommer dem vara mycket finare n dessa. i vrigt s saknar jag lite krlek , ingen som knner fr en fika nn dag ? haha :Pnej usch ,. plink plinknamaste !
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Gardening on a rainy Sunday

By Peaceful Dread, 2010-08-29
I live out in the country. Quite close to a bigger city, but this is still in the worst farmland. The neighbors have cows, horses and sheep. And here I have my red little house and my great garden. Gardening and dreads gel well together, in my world. Even though I don't grow weed. Right now I'm making squash pickles, cuz I have so much squash and I don't know what to do with it.Any suggestions what else I can do with all my squash? Or do all you guys only wanna talk about how bad wax and crochets are for dreads? I think we know that already, don't we?Over and out!
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Dread Functionality

By Peaceful Dread, 2010-08-29
My colleges have gotten used to my new hairstyle. Maybe it is because it's not so new anymore. One is getting used to most things if one is exposed to them long enough. But the funny thing is that many of my colleges now even have the guts to express that they like my dreads. That they did not believe it was a good idea initially, but that they now must admit that it looks good and really suits me. To me that is big of my colleges.You must know that I am working in a office environment where you can't look anyhow. One must keep the professional and representative look whatever attributes one has. In other words, one has to keep the balance between tame and wild. Another aspect of my dreads and the acceptance of them is that I am quite old. It is always easier to accept differences in the younger crowd.But what I wanted to say now is that dreadlocks can function as a professional tool. As I said before, I am working with various forms of family therapy and treatment. I am often meeting new people in that job and my dreads are the perfect icebreaker. Kids can be asking why I have sausages in my hair. (A very tricky question to answer.) And youngsters think I'm sooo cool. Some parents can ask if the dreads don't stink. The most common question is how one make the hair like that. But my point is that my hair is very useful when it comes to breaking the ice in the initial meeting with families.Another aspect of dread functionality is that I often refer to my dreadlocks and my self when I want to illustrate "being different". My dreadlocks are a excellent tool for that. And it makes the issue less sensitive, just because it is me wearing those odd things on my head. That makes it easier and less tensed to talk about his/her oddities. If I am odd, then it is much easier for them to talk about how odd they think they are.That is about it for now. Do you find your dreads functional?Over and out!
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charity cycle through europe

By iluvblutak, 2010-08-28
Friday the 27th at about 1300hrs I arrived back at home, here in France. 2653 miles in just under 29 days.A month of cycling both physically and mentally exhausting made worse with a broken hand and wrist as the result of an unfortunate fall on the fourth day of the trip. Special thanks to Lt Col Haynes for letting me recover at his house.The weather was superb throughout France and Italy, constantly over 30 degrees and hardly any clouds. I raced through Monaco and across to Pisa where I met a young couple who were also doing a bicycle tour and they came with me to Rome and then to Ancona before we parted as they headed south and me north.From Ancona into Germany the weather got steadily worse with the altitude but I continued to eat up the miles, eager to get the Alps behind me. I crossed into Austria via the Brenner pass, going slightly higher than the main road (as it is a motorway I had to use the small side streets). Coming down on the other side it took me 30 mins to get to Innsbruck (30miles) and I hit my top speed of 67mph, overtaking cars, trucks and motorcycles as I rattled along silently screaming to myself all the way down.Once in Germany I spent a day with each of my aunts in Bayern and then took several days to get to the Hoffard's house (old friends of mine) near Stuttgart. It was Lisa's birthday during my stay which did last a little longer then I had planned but was good fun and great to have some rest and nice food. Nice food meaning anything other then stale bread and warm ham, which I had been eating since I started.Leaving Lisa's I had 550 miles to cover to get home, going down to Strasbourg I made use of the flat terrain and made good distances on the first two days before turning west. Most of my night near Strasbourg was spent drinking schnapps and whiskey with a couple of German families. One of them had seen me putting up my tent and having giggled at how small it was offered me some pizza he had just made. I accepted and sat with them talking and they brought out their two bottles which we drank until about 2 in the morning.I left at 8am on the last day and managed to arrive at home just in time for lunch.Over the last 29 days I have cycled 2653 miles, cycled up to 11 hours in a day and hit a top speed of 67mph. The longest distance I cycled in one day was: 186 miles.i am continuing to recieve sponsor money and have more events planned with the poppy appeal when im back in england, hopefully bringing more money to the brave men and women who are prepared to risk everything for others.
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Blond dreads doing Italy

By Peaceful Dread, 2010-08-28
I'm crazy about blogging, so I will probably be busy here both now and then. My English is not perfect, but I will try my best.I signed up today. As soon as I poked my nose in here I heard that I was doing wrong in using my crochet needle. That little needle that I was so happy about was causing damage to my hair? Damn it! I was so happy when I finally found that needle a month ago. And I was also very happy that it didn't cost more than a couple of dollars. And I desperately needed that needle, cause I must look representative at work. I'm in family therapy and with the kinda families I work with I just can't stick out too much. I must be neat to a certain extent. And that little needle was expected to be my savior.Now I've been told to throw away that savior of mine. Now I must find other ways to create some kinda neatness in this hair of mine. That will be tough.Anyway, I wrote "Blond dreads in Italy" on top of this. That is because I flew to Italy about a week ago, and I stayed there five days. I had to travel without my precious crochet needle. One can't have things like that in the bag. Terrorists use things like that. I'm always trying to fly light, with only hand luggage. Checking in a bag by Ryan Air is always more expensive than the actual flight ticket is. That meant no crochet.And yes, I understand what you are saying. Without the crochet needle my hair looked worse than ever on top. One must really be busy with that crochet needle all the time.But still, my dreads made success even though I thought they looked terrible. Pisa have a leaning tower, but Pisa don't have many dread heads. And they don't have any blond dread head at all. But last week they had me and they seemed to like it. Dreads somehow open peoples minds. And only a few of the Italians associated my hairstyle with weed or with Rastas. I was happy for that, because I don't smoke weed and I am not a Rasta.I am only a dread head and I love it!But I want you guys to know that I am happy to have found you. I really like this forum!Over and out!
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