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Ta din gamla cigg å cykla till bahamas för fan

By Ugglan, 2010-09-05

med fyra sorter r det inte konstigt att jag skriverdet r fabriks hus och mrker utanfr mitt fnster , allt glider frbi , suddigt suddigt och sedan blir allt svart. ibland lyser gatulyktorna men det r inte ofta . dr hemma dricker dem , dansar och r glada , hr ser vi hur livet fr mnga andra susar frbi 200 km i timmen , det r vackert och luktar gott , rken stiger mot himlen som r gr kall och snart svart , folket runt mig har sina egna liv, deras liv , att inte ga sitt liv r ngot jag nskar att inte mnga ska f uppleva , om du lste skulle du g hrifrn och lmna staden dr mina skor har vandrat, du skulle ngrat natten och hatat dagen , du skulle frakta smutskasta allt ,himmel som jord , du vet inte och lser inte , du surfar p betongen som du alltid gjort och lter musiken fra dig till vrlden grset bringar , vi r vackra mitt i betongen vi r allt . men nu r det grnt utanfr mitt fnster och allt som syns och hrs r vinden , jag ser den, grnskan slr mig i ansikten , men snart skall den lmna piskande till det vackra rda , slut.
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bring me to the water and i will drink

By hippie mama, 2010-09-05
i am very pleasantly surprised on how unterrible my kid is doing at two. you hear all these horror stories of other ppl and their expierience and are anticipating this reaction of temper tantrums, and craziness. i mean yes he has changed a little and since i been working hes picked up one or two of his cousins bad behaviors but a simple timeout fades them away when hes around me. instead of the temper tantrums he shares and instead of the hair pulling like most kids his age hes learned colors. im just constantly stunned with the great things he acomplishes and learnes its amazing. i mean not only is he smart and knows things like counting, colors shapes but we are slowly in the process of potty training. although i do admit that since i started working again the leaps and bounds that he was making in the potty area have withered a bit but thats mainly my fault since i havent been keeping up on it but im sure as with everything else when hes reasy hell excell in it. i know im probably just another proud momma but i really do think my son may be advanced for his age. i mean he just catches on so quickly and alot of other 2 and even 3 yr olds arent where he is. this is one of the reasons why we dont plan on having any more children too. i mean its almost like hes been so easy to raise, easy to teach, and has the best personality that id be afraid if i had another kid they may be the total opposite. its like if u hit the jack pot the likliness of u hitting it again on the same machine is slim to none. i know when to fold them. plus i wanna give Gauge everything i can financially, emotionally, and mentally. he deserves that. now dont get me wrong you moms out there that have more then one kid or want more then one im not putting you down. thats awesome that you wanna do that. its just not in my stars ladies.but besides all that noise everything had been going ok. i been working getting paid making tips. johns been working and just recently started his i think 4th semester. hes so smart. im sooooo proud of him. i honestly dont know how he does it all. i mean school full time, work full time and he even has to watch gauge from time to time while im working i mean its gotta be hard on him. poor guy hardly ever sleeps and is always doing homework or is gone. i just feel bad sometimes because i wish there was more that i could actually do for him. hopefully since i got a job he can taqke an extra day off so he can have a little more time for homework and sleep really. i mean hes up all night doing homeowork sleeps for an hour or two then off to school. i just feel helpless sometimes cuz i wanna take some of the weight off his shoulders but im not that smart so i cant help with that and i cant work for him so there goes that idea and me sleeping doesnt give him energy so strike 3 im out , riiight. i just wish he really knew how greatful and proud of him i am. hes got it tough but hes determined to do good by gauge and i and i am thankful and im sure when gauge is our age and realizes the sacrafices made he will be too. johns also inspired me to go back to school. i wanted to go for veterinarian but latley i been thinking along diffrent paths. not sure what though i just dont think i could cut open and animal let alone put one to sleep. my dream is a no kill animal sanctuary but theres not really a degree for that. latley i been thinking of like a kindergarten teacher but you need alot of patience for that. criminal psychology also sounds entertaining. wouldnt that be funny. two psychologists in one house. i just know i dont want my son growing up with no money in the house. i would love to go on vacations to like jamaica and stuff with him. i really want gauge and john both to be proud of me and lets be honest thats not gonna happen at pizza hut! i wanna make a diffrenece. i wanna show gauge that you can do something awesome with your life and i want to show him that you need college to do that and i want to be a good example too. i want him to have two successful parents therefore increasing his likelihood to become something better than us. i can already see how much potential he has now and i dont want to be the example of what not to do ya know. i have the want, i have the drive. my son is my motivator and now all i have to do is figure out what i want to do with my life. thats the hard part though. im tired of being the osterchild of what not to do and im ready to be SOMEBODY, i guesse its just down to who at this point. my first must be that im always striving to be is a great mom though. and thats always gonna be forst. before the job before the career before anything im gonna be gauges mom. thats probably the best and most important job i have, protect, nurture, play, LOVE, teach and just help my son grow. help him become someone greater and better then i could ever be. and damn it hes on his way there. and having a good role model such as my husband showing him that even if your delt a hand of hardship as we are even if u have to work ur ass off to make ends meet you can still become the rose growing out the concrete. and with such a powerful male role model hes already a step ahead of alot of our young men today. and hopefully since hes hit the ground running he can win the marathon of life and come out on top. i have hope. i have this strong feeling that we just may make it and come out on top. what good is the end goal if its just given to you right, . food is waaaaay better when your starving after all.
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Kindness and Compliments

By Alicia Burnit, 2010-09-03
The first set of dreads I had I was never fully comfortable with. I knew that dreads were for me, but I felt alienated every time I went out in public. I always felt as though people were looking and judging me.This second time around though, I am older and feel comfortable with myself and who I am. I have only had my locks for two and a half weeks and have gotten at least three compliments already! It's always nice to feel accepted instead of alienated. My first compliment was from a man from Turkey and the last two were from two African American men. None from any women yet, I wonder if there's a reason behind that. These are all in person compliments I guess, not via internet. Anywho, it's awesome!I love my dreads!
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Music room in the making

By Peaceful Dread, 2010-09-03
Tonight I'm putting all my guitars and stuff in a left over room in the basement. Making it a music room. Will put a computer, an old recording studio and a hifi down there as well. And a couple of amplifiers and a keyboard. The goal is to put myself in my old time music mood.When I was younger I used to live in a studio, one that also was in a basement. I could spend 24/7 there and I always forgot to eat while being there. The best way to loose weight, I guess. Just jamming, composing and recording all day and all night. Other musicians came and went. Bands formed and split, one after another.I starded with playing the base in a reggae band in the beginning of the eighties. But without dreads. Those where the days when I still thought it was impossible for me to dread with my kinda hair. But man, was I dreaming of having it?Internet did not exist and there was no way for me to gain knowledge about dreading. I saw myself as unlucky, being too pale and having too little curls. I wished I was born somewhere else. I adored Marley, Tosh, Toots and the Maytals, Steel Pulse and you name it.I only played reggae those early days. Later on I played more rock and funk. Made my own concoction of the two. Tried to sing even though I did not have the voice for it. But it did not matter, as long as I loved it. Luckily I had someone else singing on performances.I wonder if this music room will put me back into that same vibe and inspiration. It would have been lovely.
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Grandpa has got dreads

By Peaceful Dread, 2010-09-02
I'm writing a lot of stuff here, I've noticed. Dunno if I have any readers, but it does not really matter, cuz I'm doing it mostly for myself.I did not tell you that I was part of bringing up 5 kids. The oldest is 24 and the youngest is 15. Two of them, the oldest ones, are self made. But it does not matter whom was part of making whom, really, I love them all. I have two grandchildren, one is 4 and the other one is 1.That means that grandpa has got dreads. Why does grandpa have dreads now only? I must tell you that I always wanted to have dreads, from young already. But I though it was impossible with my kinda hair. But when I was island hopping in Greece last year, i noticed that my hair locked up in the saltwater, all on its own. The only thing I had to do was to let it be.I did not do anything else but washing those fresh little babydreads of mine in that saltwater, and that did the work. All the work. Then I had to make up my mind. Do I want them or don't I? I always wanted them when I was younger, why not now? Now when I know who I am, now when my identity is no longer wobbling? I was a couple of years past 40 and I was more secure in myself than ever. When would the time ever be better than then? I decided to go for it. So when I came home from Greece and met my second born grandchild I had dreads.And I'm telling you, everybody except my bosses loved them. And I am just totally crazy about them.
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snubblade på skuggan

By Ugglan, 2010-09-02

nu lyssnar man p det brinnner i paris igen och njuter av snabbmackaronisar , student jaw. st mayha var hos mig igr och dreaddade lite , vi ska gra det ikvll igen , dem blir riktit feta allts ! lnga med , typ till naveln ^^ tjockt sger jag. r lite nyfrlskad med kan jag nmmna , men plnkan sger imot , kan inte ka dit. men men vi fr ta det nn annan dag , lite krlek ska jag vll hinna med.iaf s spelar helt off och promoe nu dem loopar , louise sger tjockt ^^
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1 Month, 1 Day

By Gary Charlesworth, 2010-09-01
Ok so it's been an eventful month. I started the month with frizzy sideshow bob hair, and ended it with fully mature dreads...... ... ......Ok so I lied there, but I'm just THAT excited. I can see changes in my hair everyday though. In my last vLog (somewhere in Member Timelines) I mentioned a knot in on of my tips. Since then I've found 2 more, on front dreads. These 2 little knots are wonderful guys. They knotted near the end of the tip, sandwiched between loose tip hairs. Since these knots formed the end of the tip hasn't changed, but the rest of the tip is dreadding nicely. Almost better than the origional backcombed part.I do still need to find a new sleep position. The dreads on the side I sleep on are folding back on themselves at the roots. They also seem to be tightning up more than the other side.And so to the rest of the eventful month...If there are any WWE fans on here, we were reminded of the infamous Katie Vick storyline (thanks CM Punk, I really needed to remember that one!). For those unaware goto -- Looking back on it, it wasn't that bad, but at the time... Damn! Oh and BTW Viewer Discretion is advised, this segment is not suitable for younger viewers. It's a bit sick!I saw Piranha 3D... Seriously, I know it looks like a pile of crap, but it's REALLY funny. And boobs in 3D... More Please!I also went to a party. Not normally my thing, I don't drink alot. But I got wasted, and took a 3hr journey home with the worst hangover ever! And on the same day as the party, I got accosted by Christians and had to talk to him for nearly an hour before he realised that I have my own mind and strong enough personality to withstand the lures of organised religion. Some people don't get the message.I appreciate he's a Christian, and is probably really happy, but I don't want it thrust down my throat as I walk down the street trying to buy booze for a "sinful" evening! He was really nice and invited us to a free Hip-Hop evening at their christian club "The Sin Bin," and I can only imagine what Christian Hip-Hop sounds like! Lets face it religious groups and some musical genres do NOT mix! Although, I would like to hear some Hindu Trance.Anywho, it's pretty late, I gunna get me some sleepy timePeace & LoveBTW: Photos will be up probably this weekend if I get time. Another vLog on the way also.
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By Peaceful Dread, 2010-09-01
I love cats. I have two. I think the cat is the right animal for any dread, not only having the lion in mind. At least it is the right animal for this dread. Cats are peaceful, loving animals. They set the atmosphere in the house, gives it the right spirit. Calms everything down. When I'm sleeping I have the one cat by my feet and the other one in my arms. I've got one boy and one girl. His name is Boesman and her name is Foxy. They are two lovely souls and I love them. And they love one another.I'm sitting here in my armchair, with one cat on each shoulder. It's soon 11PM here in Sweden and I am tired. I think I must go to bed.
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I don't like weed

By Peaceful Dread, 2010-08-31
It kinda bothers me that dreadlocks must be mixed up with weed all the time. I am a guy who does not like to be under the influence of neither alcohol or drugs. I enjoy being high on life though, love is my favorite drug. Love is the greatest high of all.I don't want to promote the use of weed with my hairstyle. I would like to wash all weed of all the dreadlocks in the world. I would rather like dreadlocks to be connected with love. Can't we organize that?
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1st Week

By SaGem, 2010-08-30
Sunday marked one week! I have not used a comb, brush, or commerical shampoo/conditioner or any products during this week. I wash&condition with SE's BS&ACV recipe. Changes I have noticed:Comb-made parts are no longer visible to my eye. But when I touch my hair, I feel the sections.My entire head is covered in fuzz, and the twists are visible enough to pass as an intentional sloopy style. Interesting to note, this "style" was a hit at my local bar.My roots are very loose but firm...together. May be a better description would be, they are no longer twisted or apart of the twists?! And yet they feel&look so soft, bouncy, and healthy.Besides starting with T&R, I am keeping my journey very low maintenance&manipulation. I wash&air dry. And I keep an eye out for sections. I don't re-twist, oil, etc.Looking forward to week 2 :)
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