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Grandpa has got dreads

user image 2010-09-02
By: Peaceful Dread
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I'm writing a lot of stuff here, I've noticed. Dunno if I have any readers, but it does not really matter, cuz I'm doing it mostly for myself.I did not tell you that I was part of bringing up 5 kids. The oldest is 24 and the youngest is 15. Two of them, the oldest ones, are self made. But it does not matter whom was part of making whom, really, I love them all. I have two grandchildren, one is 4 and the other one is 1.That means that grandpa has got dreads. Why does grandpa have dreads now only? I must tell you that I always wanted to have dreads, from young already. But I though it was impossible with my kinda hair. But when I was island hopping in Greece last year, i noticed that my hair locked up in the saltwater, all on its own. The only thing I had to do was to let it be.I did not do anything else but washing those fresh little babydreads of mine in that saltwater, and that did the work. All the work. Then I had to make up my mind. Do I want them or don't I? I always wanted them when I was younger, why not now? Now when I know who I am, now when my identity is no longer wobbling? I was a couple of years past 40 and I was more secure in myself than ever. When would the time ever be better than then? I decided to go for it. So when I came home from Greece and met my second born grandchild I had dreads.And I'm telling you, everybody except my bosses loved them. And I am just totally crazy about them.
09/10/10 11:03:59PM @bruce:
It's good to meet another dready who started there dreads when they are in there 40s my only regret is that I put off starting my dreads for so long

Peaceful Dread
09/09/10 03:06:49PM @peaceful-dread:
NaturalWomyn - Thanks.. =) Im not in my twenties, thank God! But Im still very young to be a grandpa... but God, am I proud of it?

09/09/10 10:27:02AM @naturalwomyn:
wow i thought you were in your 20's lol! Age doesn't matter though, they look great on you and it's obvious you have them for all the right reasons. Many Blessings

Peaceful Dread
09/08/10 02:40:17PM @peaceful-dread:
Nic - I want to keep my dreads shorter, which is against what most ppl think is right, I've understood. Good luck with your dreads, whatever you decide to do. I think you should go natural.

Nic Sullivan
09/08/10 01:31:53AM @nic-sullivan:
Yea dude, i gotta say for your locs being so short they look pretty sweet which gives me hope cause i foolishly chop'd my long ones off so i'm have to do the battle with myself about going completely natural or T&R or backcomb i don't even know.

Peaceful Dread
09/02/10 02:46:54PM @peaceful-dread:
I know. =) I've decided to keep mine as long as I live.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/02/10 02:35:13PM @soaring-eagle:
i know ppl twice your age with dreadsand quite a few in theyre 60'sdreads arent just for kids

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