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dreadlocks shampoo
Nic Sullivan


Location: Culpeper, VA
Zipcode: 22701
Country: US


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Nic with Dreads
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03/12/11 05:44:18AM @dani2:

much thanks for the friendship

and your interest

Rastafari is livity, its your own way back to the roots

you not need to smoke no need, no dreads, nothing outside truly matters

its a way of love and Raspect

knowing that all is connected

in H.I.M we find our strength as he have given us guidance and light

in Jah we trust

all is ONE

03/05/11 01:19:23PM @justmyparanoia:
great to hear, keep me updated on the progress!

02/12/11 11:14:40AM @justmyparanoia:
i know what you mean, but i think it's worth the effort. plus, when they look like crazy and you don't like them you always can help them. i'm flattered that you like mine so much that you want them to look the same, really. there is not a greater compliment that i can think of, so thankyou for that.

01/26/11 04:40:31AM @justmyparanoia:
You can do nothing about your hair and go natural? That's the fasted way when you have short hair, just let them go. But backcombing would also work with short hair. Can't wait to see nic!

01/24/11 05:56:34PM @justmyparanoia:

To bad, but i know what you're meaning. New year, new start. But you're still planning on getting them? If so, with way are you creating them? Just curious you know. Have a nice week btw!


01/03/11 12:41:18PM @justmyparanoia:
Hi nic, thankyou! I hope you had a great christmas and a nice newyears. Mine was great, had lots of fun. How long is your hair? Time for new baby's or not yet?

12/26/10 01:13:58PM @dreddiefreddy:
oh i forgot to add: your dreads looked great especially the pics of you in the black dahlia sweatshirt. i wish i had sectioned mine out to be thinner like yours were but i love em all the same

12/26/10 01:11:53PM @dreddiefreddy:
ive had em for about 10 months and i started out with the natural method and then because i ended up with a huge mat in the back of my head I backcombed em. howd you end up with two sets? what made you decide to start over?

12/26/10 11:31:21AM @dreddiefreddy:
hahaha what a small world! but i guess it wouldnt be hard to miss me, im like the only white chick on campus with dreadlocks lol

12/22/10 02:37:48PM @dreddiefreddy:
yah..howd u know? do u go to nova too?

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