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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Providence, RI
Zipcode: 02903
Country: US

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Hubby's Locks


05/31/11 02:07:50PM @jahlotussweetestluhv:

our dreads are vary simaliar cause i have alot of loops in them but makes them vary unique looking , an do you make your own clothes they are beautiful :)

Electric Mama
05/31/11 09:23:39AM @electric-mama:
Your dreads and your family are beautiful!!

Jenni Macnair
05/15/11 04:34:17PM @jenni-macnair:
Camera is a fujifilm finepix av100 to be precise :D That sounds like good advice. I was in the ocean once in the last year but iv moved closer to the sea now so hopefully that'll help. Going to cut down on the oils from now on :) Hope you had a good weekend xx

Jenni Macnair
05/14/11 12:50:13AM @jenni-macnair:
I cant remember camera off top of my head I think it could be a wee compact nikon or maybe fuji. Il check when im home :-) My dreads r slow going I have such naturaly curly hair and its putting up a fight. What do you wash yours with? Im using bic soda and oils but I think it might be drying my scalp out a wee bitty too much xx

Ham'diya Mu
05/13/11 02:51:27PM @hamdiya-mu:
Red Ribbon

Jenni Macnair
05/13/11 03:35:46AM @jenni-macnair:
Hey!! You started dreading same time as me, yours look amazing! I cant wait till mine look that great xx

Ashlee Slothlegs
05/08/11 09:53:00AM @ashlee-slothlegs:
you and your dreadies are absolutely beautiful!

05/04/11 09:21:32PM @evolet:
happy one year! I can't wait to see some pics :) xx

04/07/11 11:40:09AM @kass:
your hair is so incredible. I hope I can have what you have one day!!! They're SO beautiful!! post more pics soon!! :)

04/06/11 12:58:28PM @heather:
okay, so i really need to see some new pics of your hair for inspiration. i'm feeling a bit down lately about my hair and seeing pics of your dreadies gives me hope that i'll have what you have some day.

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