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baby britt
01/31/12 10:22:19PM @baby-britt:

our hair DOES look very similar, haha. and i'm only about 2 weeks behind you. but i think yours looks awesome already, mama! you have way less loose hairs than i do. and your ends are way tighter. my ends look exactly the same on the bottom layers, i think the top layers will eventually do the same thing. i call them doo doo balls, haha. <3 love love love!

Electric Mama
01/10/12 12:48:51AM @electric-mama:

Lol, sorry I have a nose obsession!

Electric Mama
01/09/12 12:40:04AM @electric-mama:

Thanks so much! You are on the right path!! And you have an awesome nose btw lol.

Nathan Hammond
01/08/12 10:42:08PM @nathan-hammond:

Thanks for the kind words. Yours look awesome so far!

01/08/12 09:50:45PM @foxpaw:

Aww thank you so much Kass!! Dont worry, they will for sure. Mine used to be like that, not a problem much anymore. It gets better and better every day! :]

Panterra Caraway
01/04/12 09:39:56PM @panterra-caraway:

Oh, and much ACV do you use? Your hair looks a bit on the fine also looks a bit greasy. You are using a soap I am unfamiliar with...what are the ingredients?

Panterra Caraway
01/04/12 09:38:20PM @panterra-caraway:

Hi Hun! I do not advise that people dye their hair black for numerous reasons....but most especially if they have dreads. Here is why. Black is a very harsh color and true black only works on a select group of people with a certain complexion or look. Some people can rock it well, most can not and end up very quickly tired or bored with it. Which brings us to the next reason. It is the WORST color to get rid of. It does fade, but not enough to go away. It takes alot of chemicals and damage to get it out and leaves the hair in a rainbow of different colors...all of which are ugly! I have had clients who went through 4-5 sessions with me using very harsh stripper and they still had traces of black. But, they also had shades of orange and baby poop yellow...which is what pulling black out leaves behind. It is also a bitch to keep up! Because it is soooooo dark, roots show up very quick and if your naturel color is light it shows very badly against the black and can look grey. Looking at your pictures, I am stumped as to why you would want black...? You are very pretty, and I think black would honestly be horrible for you and take away from your lovely skin and beautiful eyes. If you insist, I think you will regret it...but if you must...most boxed black dyes are alike. So there is no one that I would is black, regardless of the maker. Good luck Sweetie...but I REALLY hope you will reconsider! Much love <3

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/13/11 04:25:16PM @soaring-eagle:

are u insane? if you werent making that funny face youd be gorgouse

and yea thank god u didnt waste money on that damn dread kit

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/13/11 04:05:16PM @soaring-eagle:
your profile pic are u on right or left?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/13/11 04:02:51PM @soaring-eagle:

1st off it almost never takes a year to lok like dreads!!! mine dreasded in 2 weeks many many find they dread as fast naturaly as they do if u jump start mut alnost all dread in the 3-6 month range some 6-12

oiliness is often caused by o90ver washing you wash and strip oils too muvch the scalp over produces to compensate so go 1 day less tilkl u can go 4-7 days also sea salt dries the hair

add to that a thyme tea or in the products section theres a vodka based tonic that reduce oiliness

you slowly adjust to producing less oils and washing less often..leave some oils on the hair and the scalp wont over prioduce

start the tonic and adjusting the wash cycle today and when your ready to dread the hair will be too

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